NSW Grants & Subsidies for Apartment Solar Projects

NSW Energy Efficiency Grant

The Australian and New South Wales (NSW) Government announced a NSW Solar & Energy Efficiency Grant allocating $206 million to urban areas providing access to energy efficiency upgrades across the state. This scheme aims to benefit more than 34,000 apartment residents & low income households. The NSW state Government has set aside $175 million to improve energy efficiency and to lower utility bills for residents. In addition, the Australian Government is investing $30 million to fund NSW rooftop solar installations for apartments and ‘solar garden’ community energy plots as part of the NSW Solar Banks Program.

Background of the Solar Banks Program

The Solar Banks (aka solar garden) program is part of the NSW Grant Solar for Apartments initiative. Similar solar incentives were introduced in ACT and VIC under the Solar Banks Program. This initiative is a response to the growing need for renewable energy sources in urban settings, where apartment living is prevalent, and access to solar energy has historically been limited.

Who is Eligible?

Apartment Residents & Low-Income Households

  • NSW Rebates for Rooftop Solar Installation: This initiative will benefit more than 10,000 eligible households. Delivering rebates valued up to 50% of the cost for apartments & certain households to install rooftop solar systems. The Solar Bank program could save residents up to $600 a year on their energy bills. This rebate helps to lower the upfront costs associated with purchasing and installing solar panels on apartment buildings or complexes.
  • NSW Subsidies for Solar Gardens: For those currently unable to install rooftop solar, such as renters and certain apartment residents. The subsidies will be available to support the purchase of shares in offsite solar gardens. These large-scale solar farms offer an alternative means of accessing renewable energy.

How to Access NSW Energy Efficiency Upgrades for Strata Apartments?

  • Getting Started: Begin by selecting the ‘Get Started’ button below.
  • Fill out the form (it takes about 60 seconds) to arrange for a Solar Choice expert to discuss the potential project.
  • Solar Choice considers location, energy usage patterns, and solar installation feasibility. Helping to determine if your apartment is the right fit for the NSW Energy Efficiency Grant and Solar Banks program.
  • Helping you navigate the eligibility and application processes for strata leaders to make an informed decision that is eco-friendly & economical.

Talk to an experienced Solar Choice consultant about options for your Strata Building

Final Thoughts

The NSW Solar Banks program offers a unique opportunity for strata apartments and low-income households to embrace solar energy, contributing to a more sustainable future. With the support of Solar Choice, navigating the application process and implementing solar solutions becomes a streamlined & easily accessible journey.

James Shand