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hansol aio battery

Overview Of Hansol AOI  – Company History

Hansol Technics is a Samsung subsidiary that just acquired Samsung’s home power storage business. Hansol seems to have started in the mid-1990s, first producing TV components, which the company still does today.

Hansol Technics batteries continue to use Samsung battery packs. But things get a bit more complicated from there: Hansol seems to be manufacturing solar batteries for Q-Cells rather than its brand. So it’s a Hansol Technics battery marketed by Q-Cells with Samsung battery packs.

Over 200 Samsung AIO battery systems are installed in Australia, providing battery life to both on-grid and off-grid households. Their supplier, Samsung, is a vast, South Korean-based multinational company, and you’re out of luck if you have to get your hands on a newly designed AIO battery system through them.

February 2024 Update: The Hansol AOI website has not been updated since 2019, and their batteries are not listed in the CEC (Clean Energy Council) approved battery list. Furthermore, the Australian on-site service for Hansol AOI has been delegated to ZECO Energy in Cheltenham, Victoria.

Basics Of The Hansol Scalable All-In-One Or AIO

The Hansol Scalable All-In-One is the new name for the Samsung Energy Storage Systems (AIO). They are available in two sizes, which are denoted by their potential storage capacity in kilowatt-hours. There are two models: the AIO 7.2 and the AIO 10.8. Their usable capacity is 6.48 and 9.72 kilowatt-hours, respectively, due to their 90 percent depth of discharge as stated on their datasheet.

Because it contains a solar inverter with which solar panels are connected, the system is called an All-In-One. Because the inverter is multimode or hybrid, it can provide electricity from batteries and solar panels whether your house is connected to the grid or not.

The same solar inverter with a capacity of 4.98 kilowatts is used in both systems. The AIO 10.8 can generate 4.98 kilowatts of electricity from its battery, while the AIO 7.2 can only generate 4 kilowatts from its battery.

The system has a 5-year product warranty, but the batteries have a 10-year performance warranty that guarantees they will maintain at least 65 percent of their usual strength for the first ten years or 6,000 cycles. The good news is that, since most households cycle their cells less than once per day, the efficiency promise ought to be valid for the whole ten-year term.

Hansol AIO Battery – Key Featureshansol aio battery

There are several of features of the Hansol AIO battery worth mentioning:

Power And Endurance

The AIOs’ batteries’ maximum continuous power output is indicated on the chart below under “Load,” and the amount of time they can maintain that output is shown beneath “Hour” and “Min,” with “Min” shorthand for minutes.

Backup Capability

The Hansol AIOs may be used both off-grid and as emergency power for on-grid households during a power outage. According to the user manual, the battery backup will be accessible within 30 seconds of an energy loss, and I’ve been told that it usually comes on within seconds. Although it can draw electricity both from solar panels and battery storage, the size of its inverter limits its power output to 4.98 kilowatts at most, with the AIO 7.2 restricted to 4 kilowatts when only battery power is available.

Depth Of Discharge

The depth of discharge of the batteries is restricted to 90 percent to prolong their life. It means that the battery pack will always keep 5% extra capacity in the battery, and it will never drain it below 5%, as shown by the 595 percent number in the user manual.

How Much Do Hansol Batteries Cost?

We’ve reached out to Solarwatt for the wholesale cost of their batteries and will update this section when they respond back to us.

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Australian Warranty Terms For Hansol AOI batteries

The AIO warranty is a confusing enigma. On the one hand, Hansol only provides a 5-year warranty on the AIO, but they do give a 10-year functioning warranty for the batteries.

There are some things we think you ought to be aware of about the warranty:

Anyone who purchases it runs the danger of having perfectly functioning batteries with an unbroken guarantee imprisoned within the dead shell of an out-of-warranty AIO unit. While it should be able to pay to have the AIO fixed or replaced, given the fast reductions in battery system prices, it may not be cost practical by the time the 5-year warranty expires, and rebuilding the entire system may be the most cost effective option.

The battery performance warranty ensures that it will maintain at least 65 percent of its original capacity for the first 10 years or 6,000 cycles. Because most households cycle their batteries less than once each day, the ten-year performance warranty should be sufficient.

To make a claim under this warranty for faults found during the purchase or delivery process, please contact:

Company Name: AWP GROUP (Call Center/ On-site Service)

Address: Unit 2/8 Moorlands Road, INGLEBURN, NSW 2565 Australia

Tel : 1300-377726 (1300-ESS Hansol)

E-mail : ess.service@hansol.com

Read more about Hansol AIO Warranty Documentation here

Hansol Battery Technical Specs

Usable Storage Capacity9.72 kWh
Nominal Storage10.8 kWh
Max. Output Power6.6 kW steady
Round Trip Efficacy90%
Designed for indoor or outdoor installation?Indoor (IP 54)
All-In-One Unit?Yes
Off-grid capable?Yes
Battery Type
Lithium Ion
Dimensions (H x W x D)
140 cm x 28 cm x 120 cm
239 kg
Operating Temperature Range-10°C – 45˚C
5 year full warranty, 10 year battery performance warranty

Battery Government Schemes Across Australia

South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, and Australian Capital Territory all currently have a home battery scheme in place.

The South Australian Home Battery Scheme enables eligible South Australian residents to receive up to $4,000 per installed battery.

The New South Wales Home Battery Scheme offers an interest-free loan up to $9000 for eligible households looking to install a solar battery.

The Victorian Government under the Solar Homes Program provides to those eligible, a maximum discount of $4,174 off the battery sale price. The next release of battery rebates is on the 2nd of September 2020.

The Australian Capital Territory Government under the Next Generation Energy Storage program provides a rebate of $825 per kilowatt (kW). An average household with a 5kW system would be eligible for approximately $4,000.

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