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5 arguments for solar-without-storage: Why would you wait to install batteries?

by Solar Choice Staff on 5 August, 2016

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Solar battery storage is a hot topic in Australia these days thanks to a combination of global technology and market developments, as well as the peculiar story rooftop solar in Australia. Energy storage system costs are coming down steadily, and early adopters are already having battery banks installed in their homes. But for many Australian households the time is not quite ripe for solar-plus-batteries. What are the arguments for sticking with a simple solar-only system – at least for the time being?

Solar Choice’s role in the decision-making process

We should emphasise that our job here at Solar Choice is to help our customers make a well-informed decision of solar and/or battery storage system provider. We do this by first providing them with a free and impartial look at the market in their area of Australia in the form of a Solar Quote Comparison. Where requested, we can then follow up by providing advice about how to select a system that best suits that customer’s needs and budget.

Please note: It is not our intention to discourage anyone from getting batteries – in fact, we would love to see battery storage in every solar home. But we also recognise that batteries are not yet the best fit for all households. If batteries are not yet in a customer’s best interest, we will advise accordingly – but the decision is ultimately up to you.

There’s always a ‘pro’ to a ‘con’. Want to see some arguments for installing batteries now? Check out this article.
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Paul 18 August, 2016 at 11:44 am

Are there any battery solutions that can retrofit to an existing system without replacing the current inverter, perhaps with a smaller second one?

Seems to be a waste if you have a high quality one made in Germany.

Solar Choice Staff 22 August, 2016 at 1:26 pm

Hi Paul,

A DC-coupled battery storage system is type of solution you’re talking about. In this situation, the batteries charge directly (and only) from the solar panels, but you’ll still need something ‘behind’ the solar inverter to make the batteries work.

Theoretically, any battery bank on its own should be able to be added to an existing solar system in this way.

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