AEMC fast-tracks new rules for identifying electricity system risks

AEMC fast-tracks electricity market rules

The Australian Energy Market Commission has put the assessment of proposed new energy market rules on the fast track, as it works to get in front of emerging risks to Australia’s rapidly changing electricity market.

The AEMC had recommended the new rules to energy ministers following its review of energy system risks in the aftermath of the state-wide South Australian blackout. Federal, state and territory energy ministers then called for additional rules requiring regulators to undertake a regular power system risk review (GPSRR).

The ministers identified a series of six priority risks to be considered by the review process, including changes in frequency, voltage, levels of inertia, availability of system strength services, the penetration of distributed energy resources and the ‘operation of special protection schemes’.

In initiating the rule change request assessment the AEMC said the general power system risk review process – which would be led by the Australian Energy Market Operator – would complement an existing ‘Power System Frequency Risk Review’ process that examines risks related to frequency control measures.

“The AEMC consulted extensively on its recommendation and its rationale through the process of its review of the South Australian black system event. Consequently, a fast track process will be used for this request,” the AEMC said in a statement. “Under the fast track process, the next step is for the Commission to publish a draft determination and draft rule (if made), which will be open to further stakeholder feedback,” the AEMC said.