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This article is an overview of (almost) everything you need to know if you’re considering installing a solar PV system in Bathurst, NSW. What size system do you need for your home or business? How much electricity will a solar system produce in Bathurst? How much do solar PV systems cost in Bathurst?

Why consider going solar in Bathurst?

Electricity prices have risen across Australia, and even if they fall briefly, they will likely continue to rise in the future, mainly because the increasing price of fuel for generation mainstays such as coal and gas. Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, on the other hand, need no fuel besides the sun, and therefore promise a different sort of value proposition: Once they are installed, they require only occasional maintenance and the power they produce will be free unless someone manages to charge people for access to sunlight.

Because of the decreasing cost of installing a solar system, plus the federal government incentives for renewables available to home and business owners, energy from a solar PV system is now cheaper than electricity purchased from utilities in Australia. The key to making solar panels worthwhile in Bathurst (or most anywhere in Australia now), however, is to consume the solar energy as it is generated. 

At the moment in NSW, exported solar power is only worth about 6c/kWh (electricity not ‘self-consumed’ by the system owner is automatically exported to the electricity grid). This means that self-consumption of solar energy is essential to making the most out of having a system. By using as much of their solar power as possible, homes and businesses reduce the amount of (expensive) electricity that they buy from their utility or electricity retailer.

Are batteries or energy storage an option for me?

One way to increase solar self-consumption is to have an energy storage device installed. Although not yet widely available in Australia, energy storage solutions are expected to become more common in the coming years. Energy storage technologies can potentially increase self-consumption by 50%+, depending on their size and how energy is used throughout the day. (Solar Choice now includes energy storage options in its Solar Quote Comparisons when they are available.)

Bathurst sunshine & solar panel power output

How much electricity a solar photovoltaic (PV) system produces will vary depending on a number of factors, but most important is incident sunlight in the region where the solar array is installed. Australia is a sun-blessed nation, and Bathurst gets its share of sunny weather. 1 kilowatt (kW) of installed solar PV capacity in Bathurst should produce about 3.9 kilowatt-hours (kWh, units of energy) of solar energy per day, averaged throughout the year (there will be less electricity produced in the winter and more in the summer).

The most common small-scale system sizes in Australia are listed below, followed by the quantity of electricity that each can be expected to produce in Bathurst if installed to optimise tilt, orientation, and using quality components. (As a rule of thumb, the average 3-person home in Australia uses about 20kWh of electricity per day.)

1.5kW solar system: 5.85kWh

2kW solar system: 7.8kWh

3kW solar system: 11.7kWh

4kW solar system: 15.6kWh

5kW solar system: 19.5kWh

10kW solar system: 39kWh

Solar system sizing: Which size is right for you?

You can determine your average electricity usage by looking at your most recent electricity bill, which should contain data from the most recent period as well as previous ones. Because of the fact that exporting excess solar power will only earn the solar system owner around 6c/kWh, it is important to make sure that the correct system size is installed for your home or business in Bathurst. In most cases, this means the system size that only meets your daytime electricity needs–and does not exceed them. You can speak to a Solar Choice broker for free and impartial advice about system sizing and pricing by calling 1300 78 72 73.

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