Conergy is one of the world’s most reliable names in all things solar, including high-end, high-efficiency monocrystalline solar panels. The Hamburg, Germany-based company has been in the solar power industry since 1998, and in addition to manufacturing solar modules, also produces grid-connected and off-grid solar inverters, performance monitoring systems, batteries, and battery charge controllers. Conergy Australia was founded in 2005 and has become one of the most widely recognised names in Australia’s solar power industry.

Conergy manufactures 3 lines of monocrystalline solar power modules: PowerPlus, P 170-185M series, and SR05-170. This article will focus mainly the PowerPlus series.

Conergy PowerPlus Series Solar Panels: German-made reliability

Conergy PowerPlus Solar Panels

Conergy PowerPlus Solar Panels

-PowerPlus Solar Panels-

PowerPlus modules: Made in Germany

Conergy PowerPlus panels are manufactured in Germany

German engineering has a reputation for efficiency and precision. Conergy uses PowerPlus solar modules’ German manufacturing origins to their marketing advantage. The manufacturing process is fully automated, using state-of the art technology that ensures high, consistent panel outputs and reduces production costs in a country with one of the highest costs of living in the world.

-PowerPlus Solar Module Key Attributes and Points of Difference-

-Fully automated production line ensures consistently high output from panels
-3 busbars (as opposed to the usual 2) per cell for more usable electricity from captured sunshine
-Special 4mm low reflection structured solar glass means more captured sunlight
+0-2.5% positive power tolerance means reliable production from time of purchase (compared to an industry standard of +/-3%)
-One of very few global manufacturers certified to pass the IEC (61707) Salt Mist Test–PowerPlus panel frames are well-suited for coastal areas where salt corrosion can be a persistent problem.

-Product Specifications/Electrical Characteristics-

Conergy PowerPlus Solar Module Specs

Conergy PowerPlus Solar Module Series Specifications

-Component standards met/awards-

All three models of Conergy panels are certified by the Clean Energy Council (CEC) of Australia, and are on the list of CEC-approved components.


-5 year product warranty (extendable to 10 years on request)
-12 year warranted power output of 92% of nominal power
-25 year warranted power output of 80% of nominal power

-Other products by Conergy-

In addition to the PowerPlus line, Conergy manufactures two lines of solar panels under license and under strict quality control at factories in China.

Conergy P 170/180M

Designed for a wide range of applications, panels from this line are available in rated capacities of 170W, 175W or 180W, with a power tolerance of ± 3%. These panels are physically smaller than PowerPlus panels–1580 x 808 x 45mm, making them slightly more versatile where space is tight.

Conergy SR05-170

These panels may be the most cost-effective Conergy solar panel for large solar PV (photovoltaic) systems. SR05-170 panels are available only in the 170W module, and have a power tolerance of ±5%.

Other solar system components

In addition to solar modules, Conergy also produces a wide array of components for solar power systems, including inverters, batteries for stand-alone power systems, and mounting systems.

About Conergy

-Company Headquarters-

Frankfurt, Germany

-History in the Industry-

Conergy Pty Ltd (founded in 2005) is the Australian subsidiary of Germany’s Conergy AG (founded in 1998). This puts Conergy amongst the oldest players in the world solar power industry.

Solar Choice is a solar installation comparison service: we don’t undertake our own solar array installations, but we do offer free independent solar quote comparisons of what’s on offer from trusted solar system installers nationally. Our installers may use components from different manufacturers, and if you’re new to solar power installations, you will probably want to know what distinguishes one company’s panelsinvertersbatteries, and other system parts from those of their competitors. This article is one of a series written to help you make an informed decision about purchasing your solar power system.

Written by James Martin


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Conergy Solar Australia Homepage


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