Diamond Energy: Australia’s solar power-friendly electricity retailer

Diamond Energy is an electricity retailer with extensive experience servicing customers who have solar panels or are thinking about going solar. The company has helped thousands of customers in Victoria, NSW, Queensland and South Australia smoothly transition to solar, keeping them updated along the way and providing competitive electricity rates and feed-in tariffs long after the installation is complete – Diamond prides itself in offering complete, end-to-end service for its customers.

Choosing the right electricity retailer when you go solar

Going solar is an opportunity to reduce your usage and use electricity differently. Choosing the right electricity retailer is an important part of the process – not all electricity retailers are the same.

Diamond Energy assists customers through this process by helping them understand the best electricity pricing options in their area and by offering comprehensive advice about how to get the most out of their solar system. They also offer some of the most competitive solar feed in rates in the states where they operate.

Once the customer’s solar system is installed, the Diamond Energy team will be on hand to assist them to understand their electricity, taking the time to understand their individual circumstances in order to be able to offer customised suggestions on the most efficient and effective ways to use not only their solar electricity but also the electricity they purchase from Diamond Energy.

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Why Diamond Energy is different from other retailers

A number of features set Diamond Energy apart from other retailers. These include:

  • Solar specialists: The company’s team are friendly, accessible and knowledgeable in all aspects of getting customers set up for solar.
  • Facilitating the solar connection process: Diamond Energy works directly with the solar installer to proactively monitor the process and help homes get connected quicker.
  • Energy bill savings: Diamond Energy offers competitive electricity rates, one of the highest feed in rates available and a range of special offers for solar customers.
  • Passionate about renewables: In addition to their own renewable generators, they support many other innovative renewable technologies including pure solar, wind, wave and bio-energy sources. They aim to source more electricity from renewable generators than the total amount consumed by their customers. This means that the more customers they have, the more renewable generation they can support.

Diamond Energy’s Customer Service

By switching to Diamond Energy, customers can take comfort that they are being looked after by a professional, friendly and experienced team. They are committed to ensuring that the transition to solar is smooth and efficient, and their customers are able to benefit from their solar panels for the entire life of their system.

Key benefits for solar customers

  • Australian based, knowledgeable customer service team
  • Competitive electricity rates for solar customers, including discounts with standard offers
  • One of the highest feed-in rates in Australia
  • Feed in credits paid out every quarter if over $50 with no fees to access (some retailers pay only annually and / or charge to access)

Interested in switching to Diamond? Learn more

Customers interested in learning more about what Diamond Energy offers are encouraged to contact them directly using the details below:

Web: diamondenergy.com.au

Phone: 1300 838 009

Email: customerservice@diamond-energy.com

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  1. I have solar system and am with a different supplier and would like a quote to compare.

    1. Hi John,

      Best to contact Diamond Energy directly using the details above. You can also visit EnergyMadeEasy.gov.au to compare electricity plans in your area. If you’re only considering flat-rate plans, you can use our electricity plan comparison tool here.

    1. Hi Tham,

      The below is from Diamond Energy:

      “Diamond Energy is an Australian private company, owned by the Australian management team, some small investors with a minority interest by the global US solar panel manufacturer, SunPower Corporation (a multibillion dollar company listed on the NASDAQ that has produced more than 18,000,000 mWh of solar globally).”

      Hope that helps!

  2. Hi there,

    We thought it would be a good idea to install a 3kw solar panel system to our local scout hall. However, with the scout hall generally unused during the day when power is generated, and feed-in tariffs so low, is there any point??

    1. Hi Jannene,

      You’re right that it would most likely not be worth it to go solar for the scout hall. These days going solar is all about using your solar electricity while it is being generated – rather than allow it to be exported to the grid and ‘waste’ it.

      If you could find a cost-effective energy storage system, then it might be worth it for you, but for most people energy storage is not yet worth the investment (although it’s getting close).

      If you’re curious about checking out prices and talking to some installers about the case for going solar in your situation, you can always request a Solar Quote Comparison from us by filling out the form to the right of this page.

  3. it seems that solar is no longer worth installing. currently sitting at 8ckw soon to drop to 6.2c kwh whats the point of that. people work from 8 to 5 so the whole day generating power that wont be used and just giving freely back to the grid. we are basically powering Australia and some one is sitting back reaping the rewards.

    1. Hi Michael,

      You are absolutely right that the feed-in tariff situation is not fair, but it’s the reality. You’d be surprised, though: Lots of folks are finding going solar a very worthwhile endeavour despite the poor feed-in rates.

      We do our best here to make sure everyone is well-informed about what it means to go solar and how to get the most out of a system. What that means these days, with solar feed-in tariffs being worth so little as you’ve pointed out, is that any home or business that goes solar needs to aim to consume as much of their solar power as possible–which means using power when the sun is shining.

      This, in turn, means understanding your daytime electricity usage pattern and accurately sizing your solar system to meet your daytime electricity needs.

      So going solar makes sense, but those considering a system have to be smart about their approach. The first step is being well-informed about.

  4. Have 5 kw system fitted not happy with current supplier.
    Scott from Rural Blinds in Kerang suggested we give you a call & see what you can do for us.
    look forward to hearing from you
    Robyn Clough

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