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State and Territory governments across Australia have adopted different approaches to what is normally referred to as a Solar Feed-In Tariff, sometimes known as a Solar Bonus Scheme or Solar buy-back scheme.

Solar Feed-in Tariffs are a payment for the clean energy that your solar panels feed back into the grid. There have been many changes to feed-in tariff legislation in all States and Territories over the past 18 months, for an overview of the current incentives offered see our summary table below.

Although the Premium tariffs are no longer in place, home owners can take advantage of solar PV system costs around half of what they were 12 to 18 months ago. Increasing electricity bills are now the main reason to invest in a solar PV system, as it offers home owners a real means of taking control of their energy bills.

Solar Feed-In Tariffs have been a huge success in countries such as Germany and the UK, with massive uptakes of solar energy systems following their introduction in those countries. Solar Feed-In Tariff Schemes currently operate in over 40 countries around the world.

Available Feed-In Tariff schemes

The Solar Feed-in Tariff schemes that are currently available in Australia are predominately 'net' schemes. A net Feed-in Tariff rewards you for each unit of solar power that you have exported to the electrical grid. Currently, the governments of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, and Queensland are operating such schemes.

For an overview of how the different solar feed-in incentive programs work: The economics of 1-for-1 Solar Buyback schemes vs Solar Feed-in Tariffs.

The following table summarises the current status of Solar Feed-In Tariffs and Solar Buyback schemes across the States and Territories of Australia for those installing a solar power system after 9 July 2012.

StateCurrent scheme(s)Max SizeRate PaidProgram DurationFurther info
Transitional and previous Standard Solar Feed-in Tariff (ended 30 September 2012)
Standard Feed-in Tariff (commenced 1 October 2012)

5 kW (Transitional Schemeand previous Standard Scheme)

Less than 100kW (Standard Scheme)

Current: 8¢/kWh (Standard Scheme)

25c/kWh or 1:1 buy back (Transitional and previous Standard Scheme)

Reviewed annually

(Read more)

Victoria's Transitional and Standard Feed-in Tariffs

Solar Choice articles about solar power in Victoria

Transitional Solar Feed-in Tariff (for customers who received permission to connect between 1 October 2011 and 30 September 2013)
First 45kWh per day

Current: Draft rate of 7.6c/kWh for ongoing 'retailer contribution'

Transitional Feed-in Tariff: 16c/kWh (application deadline was 30 Sept 2013), plus retailer contribution

Retailer contribution has no end date

Transitional FiT 16c/kWh rate will end on 30 Sept 2016

South Australia Transitional Solar Feed-in Tariff Overview

Solar Choice articles about solar power in South Australia


Solar Buyback from utility ActewAGL

Current: 7.5c/kWh (for customers who sign up after 30 June 2013)
1:1* (through ACTewAGL, for customers who applied by 30 June 2013)
No set end date

ACTewAGL: Solar Buyback Scheme

ACT large-scale solar feed-in tariff details released

Solar Choice articles about solar power in the ACT

TAS 1-for-1 Solar Buyback through Aurora Energy 10kW (single phase), 30kW (three phase)

Current: 8c/kWh (for customers who sign up after 30 Aug 2013)

1:1* (through Aurora Energy, for customers who applied by 30 Aug 2013)

No set end-date

Aurora Energy: Connect embedded generators

Solar Choice articles about solar power in Tasmania

NT Solar Buyback scheme through PowerWater systems up to 4.5kW can be connected without investigation, buyback for systems over 30kVA will be calculated upon application

Domestic buyback rate 21.77/kWh, rising to 27.87/kWh from 1 January 2013

No set end-date

PowerWater: Photovoltaic (PV) solar system

Solar Choice articles about solar power in the NT

2 Solar Buyback Schemes in place

Residential: Up to 5kW on Synergy grid (Southwestern region)

Commercial: No size limit (Southwestern Region)

Residential: Size limit varies by location on Horizon grid (Northwestern region)

Varied rates for Horizon customers (Read more)

Synergy residential customers: 8.4094c/kWh

Synergy not-for-profit, and educational organisation customers: Generous rates available (Read more)

No set end-date

Solar Buybacks for not-for-profit, educational organisations in Perth and surrounds

Information about the Horizon grid Solar Buyback Rates (from 1 July 2012)

Solar Choice articles about solar power in WA

Queensland Solar Bonus Scheme

Current: 8c/kWh

(Formerly 44c+/kWh for those with application submitted before midnight 9 June 2012)

No mandatory minimum rate to be set after 8c rate expires

8c rate to be reviewed by 1 July 2013, to conclude on 1 July 2014

(Formerly: 20 years, until 2028)

QCA final determination about the future of the Solar Bonus Scheme

The economics of the 8c/kWh Queensland Solar Bonus scheme

Solar Choice articles about solar power in Queensland

Voluntary Solar Buyback through some electricity retailers
Depends on retailer

Rates depend on retailer

No set end-date

Is solar power right for you in NSW?

My Energy Offers (NSW Government site for comparing electricity and solar buyback rates)

Solar Choice articles about solar power in NSW

*(Electricity retailer pays customers with solar systems a rate equivalent to what those customers pay for electricity for each kilowatt-hour of electricity that they export to the electricity grid.)

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Solar rebates and incentives

Solar power rebates: Federal Solar Rebates and State feed-in tariffs

Federal solar credits rebate scheme: RECs, STCs, and LGCs

State-by-state Solar Feed-in Tariff incentives

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