Energy storage system manufacturer SolaX launches its second generation of ‘hybrid’ inverter

Energy storage system developer SolaX recently announced its plans to launch a second-generation hybrid energy management system (EMS). The SolaX X-Hybrid 2 features several new additions that promise to make it a more advanced system than its predecessor.

The most important improvement may the addition of an Emergency Power Supply (EPS) feature. In the event of a grid outage, the EPS enables the system to continue supplying electricity for important electrical appliances like refrigerators, WiFi routers, and water boilers – with only a brief interruption in supply. The system therefore promises a much higher degree of energy independence than is usually possible with a solar panel system alone.

The X-Hybrid 2 inverter automatically switches between three modes depending on battery charge state, availability of solar and electricity demand. These modes are:

  1. Sleep mode: If the inverter detects no electricity use for an extended period, the EMS reverts to sleep mode, during which time it uses only standby power consumption of 7W.
  2. Battery winter mode: This protects the battery by controlling the amount of current that can pass through the system on cold winter days.
  3. Battery wake up mode: If the battery loses power, it will automatically switch into battery wake up mode, where it draws electricity from the grid to charge the battery.

The video below explains in further detail how the system works:

The X-Hybrid 2 is also equipped with a useful ‘zero export’ feature which will be useful to anyone living in a section of Australia where grid-connected solar energy systems are not allowed to export electricity to the grid, such as regional Western Australia and Queensland. The zero export function can be programmed into the inverter’s settings via  the LCD screen interface – the user need simply set the grid export amount to 0W.

Renewable energy system component distributor Solar360 believes the new inverter will help homeowners save money by becoming independent from rising energy prices. Greater independence from the grid would also protect households from power outages and reduce stress on the grid by minimising homes’ electricity requirements.

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