Introducing Solar Choice’s Battery Storage Price Index (and a major overhaul of our Solar PV Price Index)

Since the beginning of 2017, there have been over half a million views of battery storage-related pages on the Solar Choice website and well over 3,000 customer enquiries about batteries. These offer a fairly clear indication that people looking into solar are also interested in battery storage. A lot of this is thanks to coverage of the topic in the media, advertising by solar companies and the high-profile launch of attention-grabbing products like Tesla’s Powerwall 2.

We’ve been aiming to publish a monthly, battery-focussed price index akin to our Solar PV Price Index for some time now, but haven’t had the data, time or wherewithal to do so – until this month. The Battery Storage Price Index is – like its solar counterpart – a generalised look at where battery storage stands in terms of pricing. Different from the PV Price Index, however, it also examines the viability of battery storage, both in terms of its affordability and attractiveness as an investment (the ‘Are we there yet?’ Meter). You can check it out below.

Battery Storage Price Index

And while we’re on the topic of price indexes, we thought we’d mention again (in case you missed it) that we’ve recently undertaken a major and slightly overdue overhaul of our Solar PV Price Index from this month. For the first time ever, we’ve included average pricing for premium product and microinverter systems for each capital city and each solar system size that we include, providing a broad yet relatively detailed overview of the solar market around Australia. We’ll be keeping this format in place from now on.

Solar PV Price Index

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