With 59MW added in March, Australia’s total rooftop solar capacity now at just under 4.8GW

Another 59MW of rooftop solar was added by Australian homes and businesses in the month of March, with first quarter installations now matching those for the 2012 and 2013 calendar years.

Queensland continued to be the strongest market for rooftop solar, with 15MW installed in March, and NSW and Victoria joint second with 13MW each, according to Sunwiz. Western Australia showed strong growth in residential installations, with a total of 10MW added during the month.

The month’s additions take Australia’s total installed capacity for rooftop solar to 4.791GW. There have been 1.51 million systems installed in total.

Sunwiz says the installation rate for March would have been higher were it not for an early Easter, but doubts that the installation rates for 2016 will match the mid-year surge in 2011 and 2012 when generous feed-in tariffs were still in place.

2016 solar uptake vs previous years

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