Solar Choice brokers 54kW solar system for Cawarra Cosmetics in North Coast NSW

Solar Choice Commercial has brokered a 54kW solar PV system for Cawarra Cosmetics in Billinudgel, in the North Coast region of New South Wales.

Cawarra Cosmetics originally approached Solar Choice in September 2014 for quotes on a 30kw system for their headquarters, based on the recommendations of an installer outside the Solar Choice network who the company had been in touch with.

Noticing the ample roof space on the company’s building, Solar Choice endeavoured to bring the client’s attention to their full range of options by providing a quote comparison not only for 30kW systems, but also 50kW systems.

Within two weeks, one of Solar Choice’s pre-selected installers managed to visit the client’s site for an assessment, at which point it was discovered that the premises was home to not one but six different electricity meters, each with its own separate electricity bill and NMI (National Metering Identifier).

In light of this, on the installer’s recommendations the client chose to proceed with a total of 54kW of solar capacity across all of their meters: 2x 6kw systems, 1x 10kw system, 1x 12kw system and 1x 20kw system.

Each system uses LuxPower solar panels and JFY inverters.

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