Stunning new video from ARENA makes strong case for agency’s work and showcases Aussie RE innovation

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has released an inspiring video showcasing the agency’s accomplishments since it came into being just 2.5 years ago. The video, titled ‘Tomorrow’s Energy’, is narrated by ARENA CEO Ivor Frischknecht, who is clearly very enthusiastic about the work ARENA undertakes in the support of the development and commercialisation of Australia-grown renewable energy technologies.

According to the media release the video takes a look at “ARENA’s unique role in investing in projects across the innovation chain, from the lab to the field.” The projects that ARENA supports, it says, are collectively “paving the way for a diverse energy future and putting down the foundations for tomorrow’s energy infrastructure.” It also includes footage from various projects that have received support from the agency.

Despite ARENA’s many successes, the federal government has sought to disband the agency since coming into power just over a year ago, but has been unable to do so thus far due to lack of Parliamentary support. Given the fact that ARENA does much to support local jobs and manufacturing, many in Australia’s renewable energy industry are baffled by the government’s attempts to eliminate it.

The video presents a cogent argument for the importance of the work that the agency does.

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  1. The current Australian Federal government’s determined attempts to demolish such agencies as this just confirms the backwardness of the government’s policies …. a backwardness fed by its blind ideology.

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