WINAICO Solar listed as tier 1 by BNEF

Industry analysts at Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) have classified WINAICO a tier 1 solar module manufacturer in their most recent PV Market Outlook report.

Although the listing does not equate to an endorsement by BNEF, the company’s tier ranking system is nevertheless widely referenced in Australia for gauging the reliability of a solar manufacturer’s product.

Although the specific criteria used by BNEF may change from report to report, ‘bankability’ is at the heart of BNEF’s classification system, which the company developed at the request of clients looking for a list of the ‘major’ manufacturers whose products can be deemed investment-worthy.

In order to be classified as a tier 1 manufacturer, a company must supply ‘own-brand’, ‘own-manufacture’ products to at least five major projects (with certain qualifications for how and by whom the project is financed).

A more detailed explanation of BNEF’s tiering system is available here.

“Since the inception of WINAICO, we have been primarily recognised as a quality module manufacturer for Residential and Commercial installations. We are extremely proud to achieve the Tier 1 module maker status from Bloomberg, enabling our partners more confidence in developing large scale Utility projects”, said Sascha Rossmann, Vice President of Global Sales of WINAICO in a press release.

“In addition to the industry-leading insurance coverage attached to our modules, our customers can feel secure in knowing that each WINAICO solar investment is fully protected throughout its lifetime.”

In addition to the tier 1 classification news, WINAICO continues to offer a unique 10-year, 3-in-1 insurance package in selected regions. This package “provides cover to the whole installation against losses due to material damage, interruption of service and possible reduced yield,” according to the company.

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