NEXTracker’s self-powered, horizontal axis solar tracking system

NEXTracker is a California-based developer of an innovative self-power, horizontal single-axis solar tracking system which has been deployed in solar farms across the globe.
NEXTracker now has over 500MW of installations across five continents (eight countries), as well as the largest solar tracking system in Australia at Moree Solar Farm, New South Wales (70MW).

NEXTracker’s industry-first SPT: Why self-powered tracking?

Solar tracking devices can improve a PV system’s output by up to 40% over a fixed-tilt system, according to the GTM research report Solar PV Balance-of-System Markets: Technologies, Costs and Leading Companies 2013-2016. Solar tracking can significantly increase the energy yield and economic performance of a large-scale solar project, but only if the chosen solution promises cost-effectiveness, efficiency and reliability. The lack of any one of these three ingredients can undermine a project’s long-term prospects. NEXTracker, with the introduction of its self-powered tracker (SPT) series of horizontal axis trackers, has set out to develop a solution that ticks each of these boxes.

The ‘self-powered’ aspect of the company’s modular mounting/tracking frames is the key feature that sets them apart from others in the field. Rather than siphoning power from a solar farm’s solar panel arrays, NEXTracker’s SPT systems are factory-equipped with integrated solar generators, wiring and batteries which power the tracking electronics and motors. Complementing this is the fact that the mechanically-balanced rows require little energy to operate in the first place. The end result is a solar tracker that is easily deployed, can be commissioned without being connected to grid power, requires no additional setup time or costs and reduces the chances of downtime due to broader malfunctions.

Key advantages:

  • Industry First Self-powered tracker and wireless communication:  NEXTracker’s SPT is powered from a dedicated solar panel and eliminates all AC wiring in the field. The SPT is ideal for remote locations that we without grid power connection.
  • 120-degree tracking range: NEXTracker’s SPT units have up to 120 degrees of freedom of rotation – allowing them to follow the sun as it moves east to west through the sky.NEXTracker solar tracking system
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance: NEXTracker SPT Units are unimpeded in the north-south direction facilitating much faster cleaning and site maintenance and can be easily angled for maintenance and cleaning.NoCleanMode_LessefficientCleanMode_graphic_4to5X faster
  • ‘Self-stow’ functionality for emergencies: Can be tucked into a safe position in under two minutes in event of severe weather.

WATCH: NEXTracker technology overview:

WATCH: NEXTracker deployed at solar farms in Chile:

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