Northern Beaches Solar – meet our local expert

Customers looking for the best solar PV deals on Sydney’s Northern Beaches can benefit from the expertise of the new addition to the Solar Choice Team, Ivor Kades. Bringing considerable experience in solar PV installations at both residential and commercial scale, to his role of Northern Beaches Solar Broker, Ivor will be visting customers looking for systems over 3kW who need a little extra help.

Ivor trained and qualified as an electrician before going on to specialise in solar photovoltaic installations, he’s installed many North Shore solar projects as well as solar installations in sites across Sydney. In addition to holding TAFE qualifications in the design and installation of solar PV systems, he has several years experience working with some of the states major installers. With experience in the Northern Beach solar market, having worked on both small scale residential projects and large scale commercial tenders before switching to sales, he will be a valuable resource to customers as well as the Solar Choice Team.

Locally, the highest profile project Ivor worked on was the solar PV system for the heritage-listed Turbine Hall on Cockatoo Island. The 65kW system comprised 216 solar panels and six inverters, covering an area of 680 square metres. Due to the heritage listing of the building the two and a half kilometers of cabling that the system requires is concealed maintaining the buildings original appearance.

solar installation on Cockatoo Island
Ivor (the crouching figure), installing solar PV panels on the roof of the Turbine Hall, Cockatoo Island

As Ivor has invaluable experience as an solar PV installer he will be out and about visiting clients at their properties, allowing Solar Choice to assess customers solar needs first hand. Although available to all those living on the Northern Beaches and North Shore area this face-to-face service will be of particular benefit to commercial clients who are unsure about what solar PV can bring to their building.

Solar Choice Commercial Solar Team

The Solar Choice Commercial Solar Team have a strong background and have helped a wide range of businesses and social groups go solar, our experience ranges from airports and hospitals, to bowling clubs retirement villages and even McDonalds!

In order to help our commercial clients get the best solar deals our Solar Broker’s examine client’s energy profiles, site & location variables, and work with them to develop a tender for a commercial solar power installation that matches their financial needs. Our Commercial Solar Team are able to utilise our unique position within the solar industry to broker a deal for our clients giving them access to leading technology and value in solar procurement. We have over 100 of Australia’s most proficient, prominent and competitive solar power installations companies on our installer network.

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