Get the best solar PV deals in South Sydney and Sutherland Shire

 Solar Choice has welcomed a new team member, Ben Fingleton, to help our customers in South Sydney & Sutherland Shire get the best solar PV deals.

About Ben

Ben completed a Bachelor of Economics at Macquarie University and qualified as a Chartered Accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers, specialising in the Financial Services aspect of the Audit and Management Consulting practices. As well as some time in the company’s Australian offices Ben was also able to take advantage of a stint in the Netherlands.

After leaving PwC, Ben worked in various financial and consulting roles in the information and telecommunications and media industries.  After several years running his own consultancy practice, Ben wanted a role that would allow him to work more closely with people and play a more actively commercial role.

Ben joined Solar Choice at a time when many of the original Federal and State solar incentives had been dramatically reduced, as a former Chartered Accountant his first question was ‘Is solar still worth the investment?’:

“the first person I needed to convince about the benefits of solar power was me as I wouldn’t recommend a product that I wouldn’t buy myself.  Once I crunched the numbers, I was convinced.  Not only does solar provide a solid return on investment it has the added benefits of increasing value to the home as well as having a positive impact on the environment.”

Solar power deals in South Sydney and Sutherland Shire

Solar Choice has brokered solar power deals for customers across NSW, even with minimal Federal and State Government incentives, solar is still a wise investment. Although some customers still view solar PV systems as a way to make money and judge the current tariffs against previous offerings, this approach is very much old thinking.

The cost of solar PV systems have never been lower, the old Premium feed-in tariffs and Solar Credit multipliers helped to get us to this position. Customers today are investing in solar PV systems as a means of taking control of escalating energy bills, as energy prices continue to rise the payback time of systems will continue to decrease. Today’s customers may not receive 60¢ for every kWh of energy they produce, but by matching solar PV system sizes to current energy consumption the cost of purchasing from the grid can be minimised.

An average two person household in South Sydney or Sutherland Shire uses around 16 kWh of energy everyday, this would suit a 3-4kW system. With a feed-in tariff of 8¢ per kWh and and energy price of around 24¢ per kWh, an average priced system will take under 6 years to pay for itself, as the price of energy rises the ROI period effectively reduces, plus anything that you feed into the grid gives you ‘discount’ on what you have to buy back.

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Rebecca Boyle