SMA’s residential energy storage solutions in Australia

SMA is one of the largest inverter manufacturers in the world and have more inverters installed in Australia than any other brand. The company currently offers two energy storage solutions in Australia: the DC-coupled Sunny Boy Smart Energy and the AC-coupled Sunny Island range.

SBSE LeftSunny Boy Smart Energy

SMA’s Sunny Boy Smart Energy is an award-winning, plug-and-play, battery-integrated PV inverter solution. Based on SMA’s popular Sunny Boy platform for residential solar systems, SMA claims that the Sunny Boy Smart Energy can help to increase solar self-consumption from 30% to about 50% for a home using about 10 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per day.

The Sunny Boy Smart Energy can function as an inverter for solar arrays up to 6.6 kilowatts (kW) in capacity and has an integrated DC-coupled 2 kWh lithium-ion battery with a built-in battery management system (BMS). The battery is supplied by leading storage manufacturer, LG Chem.

Since the unit was designed with the battery unit integrated and its electrical safety has been certified by an accredited 3rd party laboratory, no specific knowledge about battery system design, installation and safety is required by installers. This helps guarantee to end-users the system is safe, functions correctly and battery capacity usage is maximised.

Key benefits:

  • Simple, wall-mountable, PV inverter with integrated battery unit.
  • Increases household solar self-consumption.
  • Online monitoring and remote service capability through SMA’s Sunny Portal via included Webconnect.
  • InterSolar 2013 award winner for the ‘Photovoltaics’ category.
  • No on-site load analysis or battery system design required.
  • Higher overall system efficiency due to DC-coupled Battery.

Key product details:

Sunny Island 6.0H - 8.0H RightSMA Sunny Island

The Sunny Island range has traditionally been SMA’s battery inverter solution for the off-grid solar market. In recent years, however, the Sunny Island range has grown to also encompass grid-connected solar systems with battery backup functionality.

Sunny Island inverters are compatible with all lead-acid and many lithium-ion batteries from a range of manufacturers. Being an AC-coupled storage solution Sunny Islands can be either designed into a new solar-plus-storage system, or easily retrofitted onto an existing solar system.

The smaller two power classes of Sunny Island inverters (3.0M / 4.4M) are best suited for on-grid storage applications and can be integrated into PV systems between 2 – 13 kW capacity, in either a single and 3-phase configuration. For bigger PV systems requiring storage the larger two power classes (6.0H / 8.0H) are able to be installed with multiple units on each phase for PV system capacities up to 360 kW.

Key benefits:

  • AC-coupled solution provides greater flexibility for installation and coupling location.
  • Compatible with all lead-acid and many lithium-ion batteries.
  • Online monitoring and remote service capability through SMA’s Sunny Portal via optional Speedwire card and Sunny Home Manager.
  • Modular and flexible – can be designed into new-build solar-plus-storage systems or retrofitted onto existing solar-only systems.
  • Maximise solar self-consumption, potentially achieving total energy independence while remaining connected to the grid.
  • Battery backup functionality allows the lights to stay on even when the grid goes down (as long as there is battery capacity available).

Key product details:

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  1. I like to go with SMA
    Island solution
    Is it possible by using 8Kw PV-Array, SMA STP 8000Tl, Sunny Island 8.0H
    and two LG 6.4 KWh batteries in parallel connection to use 7kw induction Stove? (generator available)

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Walter,

      We would suggest that you direct your technical questions to SMA directly, or get in touch with an installer by requesting a quote comparison by filling out the form on the right of this page. By doing so you’ll be able to compare a range of energy storage installation products and prices in your area.

  2. Can somebody helps me with this situation where my house under construction request a three phase power connection.
    But because I want to 5 kw of solar panels( PM060M02 Monocr for 280W) with a three phase inverter called SMA sunny Tripwer 10kva instead of SMA single phase,
    am I right or wrong to sign such a contract?
    please advice me. thanks

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