The Solar Choice customer experience: Take a visual tour

Since 2008, Solar Choice has helped over 105,000 households and thousands of businesses make an informed choice about solar power. During this time, our unique technology has evolved substantially – and we now boast what is arguably the most sophisticated, user-friendly solar PV comparison platform in Australia.

1. Enter your details on the Quote Comparison Request form

By filling in all the lines of the form to the right of this page, you give us the details that we need to prepare your informative Solar Quote Comparison. With these details on file, correspondence with Solar Choice and any installers you speak to will be well-briefed from the outset, so you won’t have to answer the same questions multiple times.

Selecting the ‘Solar Energy’ tab will give you a comparison for both solar and battery storage. If you already have a solar system and only want batteries, select ‘Battery Storage Only’.

Solar Quote Comparison Request box

Be sure to answer the ‘Security Question’ (the answer is ‘7’, of course) so that we know you’re not a robot.

Solar Choice Security Question

2. Select your roof

Once you fill out the form, you’ll be prompted to tell us where your roof is by clicking on a map. This will help Solar Choice and installers in our network to determine which side(s) would be best for your panels and to identify any potential shading issues.

This will also set you up to explore your roof’s solar power potential later on.

Solar Choice User Experience Map

3. View quotes from up to 7 installers in your area

Next, you will see a variety of quotes from accredited solar installers who service your area, listed side-by-side in an interactive chart like the one below. Here you can explore all of the basic information about these offers – including prices, components used, warranty duration and applicable discounts.

The only thing you won’t see at this stage is the installers’ names – you’ll only be able to view these once you’ve made a preliminary choice of 3 installers (see step 6).

Solar Choice 7 Installers s

You can switch between the Solar Quote Comparison table and the Battery Storage Quote Comparison table using the menu on the left side of your platform.

Battery storage comparison and solar comparison

4. Select a system size (solar and/or battery)

If you know the size of the system that is best suited for your home, you can start browsing prices right away.

If you’re not sure what solar PV size system you need, you can try our Solar PV System Sizing Estimator Tool – or alternatively, feel free to reach out to Solar Choice (1300 78 72 73) and we’ll be happy to help with advice.

If you’re not sure about the appropriate battery storage system size for your home, we recommend the following resources:

5. Select special options

Looking for finance options? Want to pay a bit more for premium products or a system that uses microinverters? Click the tabs on the right of the screen.

Solar Choice User Experience Primary Premium Etc

6. Choose 3 installers that you best suit your needs and budget

Now that you’ve explored all your options, it’s time to narrow down your choices to 3 installers based on price, products, history and other considerations. Only the 3 installers who you select will be able to contact you.

Solar Choice Select 3 Installers s

After you’ve made your selection, click the ‘Submit Selection’ button.Solar Choice User Experience Submit

7. View more details and make a final choice

Now that you’ve nominated the three installers you’re most interested in, you’ll be able to see their names, logos and contact details and visit their websites. The installers will now also be able to contact you to speak to you about their offerings. You can generate a contract with the installer who you ultimately choose directly from this page.

Remember that Solar Choice is always here to help you make a well-informed decision – so don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions or concerns at any point in the process.

Solar Choice Final Selection s

 8. Tell us who you chose and review your installer

After you’ve made a choice, you can let us know via the platform or over the phone or email.

Solar Choice User Experience Review Installer

Other useful tools: Explore your roof’s solar potential

Each of our customers has their own unique project profile page on our platform. You can access this after you’ve entered your details into our form – you’ll be taken there automatically after you request a Solar Quote Comparison from us, and you’ll also receive an email with a link.

In addition to selecting and reviewing your installer through the process outlined above, you can also find out how much solar electricity your roof could generate using our solar exploration tool. This tool allows you to learn more about how much solar electricity your roof could potentially generation if decked out with panels.

Please note that results are indicative only, providing ballpark figures. More accurate data should come from your solar installer when they present you with their own system design.

Solar Choice User Selection Explore Roof Potential 1 before

Solar Choice User Experience Explore Roof Potential 2

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