Solar Choice develops & brokers installation of solar panels for 6 ACT McDonald’s restaurants

Rooftop solar power systems are now generating electricity for 6 McDonald’s restaurants in the ACT. The installations, whose tenders were exclusively developed and managed by Solar Choice Commercial, will save each restaurant thousands of dollars per year on electricity bills via the ACT’s medium-scale 30.18c per kilowatt-hour (kWh) gross solar feed-in tariff, which is now closed to new applicants.

Of the 6 systems installed, 4 had a nominal capacity of 10 kilowatts (kW), with the remaining 2 systems having 12.5kW and 9.5kW. All installations utilised Trina solar modules and Aurora Power-One inverters. Annual power output from each of these systems will fall in the range of about 12,500kWh and 16,300kWh, depending on the system size, location and orientation. The power produced will translate into annual power bill savings of between approximately $5,000 and $7,700.

Previously, Solar Choice Commercial also brokered the McDonald’s restaurant in Kilsyth, Victoria to install a similarly sized system. The Kilsyth restaurant was the first in the McDonald’s chain to go solar in Australia.

The locations of the restaurants where systems were more recently installed are Weston Creek, Holt, Charnwood, Gold Creek, Mitchell and Gungahlin, and are pictured below. (All images via NearMap).

McDonalds Charnwood ACT

McDonald’s restaurant, Charnwood ACT (9.5kW)

McDonalds Gold Creek ACT

McDonalds Gold Creek, ACT (10kW)

McDonalds Gungahlin ACT

McDonalds Gungahlin, ACT (10kW)

McDonalds Mitchell ACT

McDonalds Mitchell, ACT (10kW)

McDonalds Weston Creek ACT

 McDonalds Weston Creek, ACT (10kW)

McDonalds Holt ACT

McDonalds Holt, ACT (12.5kW)

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