Solar Choice’s new & improved Solar Quote Comparison system: Benefits for installers

Solar Choice has developed a new system for its residential Solar Quote Comparisons which is now in effect across Australia. The changes will have a significant impact on the way that our customers are introduced to our installers, as well as to the way that new customers are managed in our system. The main benefit to installers is even more highly qualified opportunities from Solar Choice thanks to an improved, interactive portal for our customers.

The new Quote Comparison system means better-informed customers

Solar Choice, as a brokerage service, has always strived to introduce the installers in our network to interested, relevant customers. Our job has therefore always been to ensure a great customer experience. This means making sure that customers get the information they need to make a decision and are well-informed not only about the what’s involved in going solar, but also knowledgeable about the options that are available to them. Since 2008, over 105,000 Australian households have utilised our services, and this number continues to grow.

In the new system the process for qualifying these leads has been refined and improved, so that a firm foundation for the installer-customer relationship has already been laid even before first contact is made. This is thanks to the fact that customers now have a greater range of choice as well as more power to choose the installers that they are interested in.

How will the changes affect installers in the Solar Choice network?

Solar Choice now works with over 150 solar PV installation companies throughout Australia. It is in great part due to the breadth of our network and our close relationships with our installers that we have been able to offer our customers the unique services that we do. Our new system will allow for an even greater level of cooperation between Solar Choice and our installers.

The new Solar Choice Solar Quote Comparison system in 3 points:

1) Customers will now receive automated Solar Quote Comparisons for systems between 1.5kW and 5kW in capacity with the details of only 3 of the installers in our network who service their area. These 3 installers will be selected by random rotation, giving each installer in a region an equal chance of appearing in the automated quote comparison. In some cases, leads will be supplied at a 100% discount to installers. (Read more about benefits for installers.)

2) In addition to the initial 3-installer Solar Quote Comparison which they will receive in their inbox, customers will also have access to a portal through which they can see the details of the full range of installers who operate in their area, minus the names of all but the 3 randomly selected ones. Customers may elect to receive contact from up to 3 installers in total after they have perused all of the offerings available to them. They also have the opportunity here to enquire about systems larger than 5kW.

3) Installers in the Solar Choice network will now pay a small fee for each customer that Solar Choice introduces them to. Opportunities are arranged into 3 tiers: Opportunities by rotation, opportunities by customer invitation, and brokered opportunities.

Questions? Contact us.

If you have any questions about how the new system works, please contact installer network manager Matt Lasauce on 0410 124 850 or via email (

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