Solar Power Gold Coast: All you need to know!

Solar Panel Install Gold Coast Aventist Church

About 30% of the homes in the Gold Coast, Queensland area have solar panels on their roofs. There are many good reasons why so many Gold Coast homes have gone solar, including an abundance of sunshine, low solar PV system prices, and substantial federal government solar incentives. Many businesses and organisations have also followed suit – see the above photo of the 30kW solar panel installation on the Gold Coast Central Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Solar power on the Gold Coast: Is it worth it?

The Gold Coast receives an average of around 4.2 hours of full sun per day, making it one of Australia’s sunnier cities, as well as one of the best places in the country to install solar PV.

What does 4.2 hours of peak sun translate into in terms of solar energy production in kilowatt-hours (kWh)? It depends on the size of your solar system and its efficiency. Some examples can be found below (assuming an overall system efficiency of 85%):

Solar System SizeAverage Output (more in summer, less in winter)
1.5kW Solar System5.4 kWh per day
3kW Solar System10.7 kWh per day
5kW Solar System17.8kWh per day
10kW Solar System35kWh per day

Which solar system size is right for you?

These days, with all the state-sponsored solar feed-in tariffs, closed to new applicants, the answer depends mainly on the amount of energy that you use during daylight hours and how you use it. Unless you are planning on installing battery storage as well, new solar systems should be sized to meet your daytime electricity needs. Any excess solar will essentially be ‘wasted’ – currently, Queensland retailers offer only up to 8-12c/kWh for your extra solar energy, significantly lower than standard retail electricity rates.

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Attractive rebates exist for Solar Systems under 100kW

The federal government offers what are effectively up-front discounts on solar PV system installation costs under the small-scale portion of Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (RET). This ‘discount’ is usually applied directly to the price of your system by your installer. The amount of the incentive depends on your location – sunnier locales receive a bigger discount. The Gold Coast is technically in the second sunniest ‘zone’ under the scheme, the same one as Brisbane. As an example see the below system sizes and estimates of the rebate they would receive as of 2020:

Solar System SizeSTC Rebate*
5kW Solar System$2200
6.6kW Solar System$2880
10kW Solar System$4400

* Estimates taken from Greenbank on 30 March 2020 – it is a live market so prices are always changing

How much do Solar Panels cost on the Gold Coast?

This translates into lower solar system installation prices. Currently, Australia has some of the lowest solar PV installation costs in the world. Prices for the Gold Coast are not far off from solar prices for Brisbane. Solar Choice published pricing data for each capital city around Australia every month – the below graph depicts the history of solar prices in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

What about Queensland’s solar feed-in tariff?

Like most other states, the new feed-in tariff rates in Queensland are minimal and vary by the electricity retailer. As of July 2023, the average feed-in tariff falls between 5-8c depending on the retailer. The low system prices discussed above, however, mean that solar is still a worthwhile investment – as long as the households make sure that their system is appropriately sized to their needs (also discussed above).

We wrote an article on the topic of solar in Queensland after the FiT some time ago: What are the economics of solar power in the Sunshine State under the new rate?

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