New record for largest rooftop solar array in Australia

Previously we wrote about Australia’s two largest rooftop solar power arrays–The Adelaide Fairgrounds installation and the Sydney Theatre Company, 1MW and 340kW, respectively. This title has once again changed hands, however, and has gone to the University of Queensland’s St. Lucia Campus in Brisbane. This array, spread across eleven rooftops, has an installed capacity of 1.2MW and is composed of over 5,000 polycrystalline panels.

Much like the Adelaide Fairgrounds and STC installations, one of the reasons for the installation was to promote the cause of renewable energy and to spread the University of Queensland’s reputation as an innovative solar energy research centre; the installation will also serve as a training platform for the university.

œThe UQ solar power installation represents the leading edge of commercial and industrial scale solar energy in Australia. UQ will substantially reduce its carbon footprint and provide an excellent learning facility for future leaders of the renewable energy industry, said Ingenero CEO Steve McRae.

Written by James Martin

Solar Choice Analyst

Sources and Links:

Previous Solar Choice blog about the now second and third largest rooftop installations can be read here.

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Photo of University of Queensland installation courtesy of Ingenero.

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James Martin II