Victorian government offers $5,000 grants on Solar Batteries For 10,000 Homes

The Victorian Labor Government have announced that if they are re-elected they will provide half price batteries for 10,000 Victorian homes. This announcement is to add on top of the no interest loans if they are elected as well as the already offered solar PV subsidy.

This battery storage incentive scheme was announced yesterday as a part of Labor’s $40 million solar Homes initiative program. It is aimed to help empower Victorians in their fight against rising electricity costs.

For the eligible homeowners they will be able to save up to $4,838 on battery storage installation costs. The government said this will save households with an average 11kwH battery around $650 a year on their electricity bills in addition to savings they are already making with solar panels.

This program will only be offered if the Labor party is re-elected in Victoria in the November elections. The program is aimed to be available in growing areas where Solar panels are abundant. This will set the foundations for possible microgrids that will allow local communities share their stored power to additionally lower electricity costs.

This was announced not long after the South Australia Liberal government announced details of its own battery storage incentive scheme, which involves offering grants up to $6,000 for 40,000 homes. This is anticipated to be $100 million.

“This is about modernising our electricity grid to help us transition to a more affordable, reliable and clean energy system,” said energy minister Lily D’Ambrosio.


  1. Labour ? Will the 10’000 households be again only the low income households and the discrimination of those who are willing to work hard become the norm once more. More and more I realise I work too hard. Work less and enjoy life and being entitled to a pension, low gas and water and electricity tariffs and cheap train rides and low cou cil rates offsets it.

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