Why Solar Choice provides the highest quality residential leads for installers

2018 was a record year for the amount of solar panels being installed on rooftops in Australia. However for solar installers the growth in the residential market has led to over 5,000 contractors Australia-wide, so increasingly it is important for the installers’ sales team to focus on valuable prospects.

The Solar Industry is now saturated with residential solar lead generators. Companies have jumped onto a rapidly expanding market to get a piece of a growing industry – who could blame them!

However this has lead to some dodgy practices to generate interest from home owners:

  • Given satellite imagery and publicly available (or privately acquired) phone number lists, overseas call centres are used to cold call thousands of home owners a week
  • Some services have sent door-knockers to neighbourhoods to stir up interest
  • Mass social media campaigns leveraging “Discount Solar” or hyping the local and federal government incentives

These disruptive tactics are used in mass, and the interest they generate into solar is fleeting. Unfortunately, in some cases they are leaving the Solar Industry with a bad taste in peoples’ mouths.

Here is how Solar Choice does things differently

Solar Choice is Australia’s oldest residential quote comparison service and still the only company in Australia that can provide an apples-to-apples comparison across multiple installers for a solar system and battery quote. Our mission is to help Australians make an informed decision when capitalising on the potential of solar energy.

Through the articles and educational content on our website we have developed on of the most highly visited websites for solar in Australia. Every single one of our referrals comes to our website 100% organically through their own investigations into solar, meaning a greater percentage of customers are genuinely interested in progressing with solar. We do not pay any third parties to drive volume of interest to us!

Some of Solar Choice’s unique points of difference:

  1. Customers see up to 7 anonymous quotes to begin and narrow down their options based on the company and quote information provided, meaning they have already expressed a preference
  2. Every installer has the same agreement with Solar Choice, meaning we compare installers on a completely fair and equitable basis
  3. Solar Choice publishes a quarterly price index for residential and commercial systems giving installers and customers a benchmark to compare against
  4. Solar Choice is one of the only Australian businesses with experience across residential, commercial and utility-scale solar farms. We share our knowledge with our installer partners to help them improve their services to their customers.
  5. Many of our residential installer partners have progressed with our assistance to service solar for small business and eventually to large commercial solar projects


Solar Choice is always open to partnering with CEC Accredited installers with good reputations and feedback from customers.

Please complete this form if you are interested to join our network.

Jeff Sykes