Albert Johnson Installs 83kW Solar System

Albert Johnson Installs 83kW Solar System

Albert Johnson are a family-owned company proudly supplying timber to the mining industry for over 80 years. Priding themselves in supplying quality product and utilising their own fleet of transport & drivers, Albert Johnson is committed to good value, simple supply chains and the highest standards of service.

Solar Choice were approached by Albert Johnsons General Manager who was looking for guidance on the solar project in the Hunter region following some previous attempts which did not install the confidence they were seeking.

Solar Choice were quickly able to provide an independent assessment of the optimal design and accurately forecast the systems performance and the energy bill savings.

An Apples-for-Apples comparison was tabled and from this, 2 companies were chosen for a full site assessment, 1 of which was ultimately successful.

The installed system now features 166 Trina Solar panels and a 110kW SunGrow inverter including Solar Analytics monitoring for a more granular look at the production of this spectacular system

The project is expected to produce over 125,000kWh’s each year whilst offsetting around 2,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions over a 20-year lifetime.

Matt Lasauce