Czech and Slovak Community Centre turn to solar & storage

Czech and Slovak Community Centre

Sokol Sydney is a Czech and Slovak Community Centre established in 1976. A place to play sports, enjoy cultural events and to drink & eat Czech & Slovak beer & specialities.

The club president reached out to Solar Choice initially in 2019 when an independent review of their power bills took place through our in-house Engineering Team.

Due to plenty of night-time activity an appetite for storage was picked up very early on and something they would eventually go onto install.

After assessing numerous Grants the club ultimately proceeded with a 12.6kw system using 35 x 360w LG panels , SolarEdge inverter + a Tesla PowerWall 2 battery.

The system is expected to save over $3,700 per year in energy costs along with over 15 tons of carbon emissions per year. 


Matt Lasauce

Matt Lasauce is the Chief Commercial Manager for Solar Choice Pty Ltd.
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