NSW solar PV customers can expand without losing their existing bonus feed in tariff

The NSW Government’s Department of Trade and Investment has updated today the rules regarding the expansion of existing solar PV systems. Prior to the update, any expansion of a customer’s existing system would result in the loss of the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme. Customers who had previously been capped in their Premium feed-in tariff payments, can now top up their solar saving benefits by investing in an additional andseparately net metered system.

As part of the market options we provide, Solar Choice has access through select installers in NSW, Vic, SA and Qld to an additional 20¢ per kWh net feed-in tariff offering by a niche renewable energy focussed electricity retailer. Simply fill out the Request Quote Comparison form on the right of this page.

Under the new guidelines, customers who are currently receiving the 60¢ per kWh gross feed-in tariff can increase their generating capacity while protecting the Premium rate:

“Solar Bonus Scheme customers who receive the 60 cents per kilowatt hour tariff may expand their overall generating capacity and retain the 60 cents tariff for their Scheme generator if the additional capacity is from a separately metered non-Scheme generator. No Scheme payments are available for the non-Scheme generator. Customers should check what feed-in tariffs are available and confirm with their preferred retailer whether they will pay a non-Scheme tariff in addition to the Scheme tariff.”

NSW customers currently receiving the 20¢ per kWh gross feed-in tariff under the transitional scheme can expand their system up to 10kW, with the consent of their distribution network service provider, and still retain the 20c gross tariff. Those looking to add capacity that will take them above 10kW, will be required to install a second net meter for the portion over 10kW that will not be linked to the existing Solar Bonus scheme.

Customers who install additional capacity requiring a separate net meter will receive the voluntary retailer contribution which is currently between 0-20¢ per kWh fed back to the grid, depending on which retailer you engage. Simply take a minute to complete the Request Quote Comparison form on the right of this page so we can assist you with your best options in this regard.

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Rebecca Boyle