60MW of rooftop solar installed in November – nearly 30% commercial

Households and businesses around Australia have added another 60MW of rooftop solar PV in the month of November, taking the nation’s total for the year to date to 654MW.

In its latest report, Green Energy Markets says Queensland is still leading installations, but only just, adding 15.4MW compared to NSW 15.3MW. Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia followed (see graph below).

The commercial sector continued to grow strongly, and now accounts for more than 27 per cent of total installations by capacity.

A total of 15.5MW of commercial scale rooftop solar – between 10kW and 100kW was installed in the month, with NSW leading this category with more than 5.2MW, followed by Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia.

All told, businesses have added 143MW of rooftop solar capacity, nearly all of it for self consumption. About 510MW of rooftop solar capacity has been added to the rooftops of households in the year to date.

Small-scale solar installations newThe GEM data also reveals an acceleration in larger solar systems by supermarkets, retailers, wineries, schools, administration centres and others  in recent months.

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Giles Parkinson