First Tindo Karra 240 Solar Installation in Adelaide

The first installation using Australia’s own Tindo Karra 240 solar panels has been installed in Adelaide.

The 1.44kW system is composed of six 240W panels. As each module contains its own micro-inverter, the ground-mounted solar system is unconventional in that it contains no central inverter.

Adelaide receives an annual average of about 4 sun hours per day. The system is expected produce a daily average of approximately 6kWh of electricity.

Tindo solar panels first installation Adelaide
Tindo Karra 240 solar panels first installation Adelaide

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Images via Tindo Solar

James Martin II


  1. You show a ground-mounted system, but ask for info re roof type, so you do install on roofs?

    What is the price for a 1.5-2 KW system, with new main switch?

    Adelaide 5074

    1. Hi Dawn,

      Thanks for the comment and the question.

      You can read about what Solar Choice does by clicking here. We are not an installer–we have a network of installers across the country, and we help our customers choose the one that best suits their needs and budget. Fill out the form to the right of this page to get a free and instant Solar Quote Comparison of installers in your area. The availability of specific products such as Tindo may depend on whether or not the installers in our network in your area use them. However, even if none of the installers on the quote comparison have a Tindo offering, you can speak with one of our brokers (call 1300 78 72 73) or wait for us to get in touch with you–we might be able to arrange something.

      Our installers generally install on roofs, but can often do ground-mounted systems as well up on request.

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