RPS: Innovative rooftop mounting solutions for solar panels and other applications

RPS is an Australian-owned company that specialises in roof clamps and roof mounting systems for a wide range of applications, including  an innovative system for solar photovoltaic (PV) module arrays. The company offers penetration-free, no-hassle mounting solutions for nearly every type of roof in Australia, including concealed fix and standing seam roofing. RPS also produces a series of easy-to-install, roof-penetrating brackets for situations where the use of clamps would not be possible. All clamps and mounting systems in RPS’s S-5! range are compliant with AS/NZS 1170 standards for wind loading, and have been tested on hundreds roof types and profile combinations in the US and Australia.

RPS product range

RPS S-5-PV Kit

The S-5-PV Kit is an innovative rooftop mounting solution specifically for solar panels. The solution compatible with the entire range of RPS roof clamps and mounting brackets (listed below). Use of the S-5-PV kit with RPS roof clamps eliminates the need for L-feet and and rails in the mounting of the solar panel array. Since RPS clamps require no penetration of the roof, there is an extremely low possibility of leaks developing in the roof from the installation. The RPS S-5-PV Kit comes with a 25-year warranty (the same duration as the standard warranty for solar panels), and has an expected operational life of up to 40 years.

Download a datasheet: RPS S-5-PV Kit (pdf)

RPS S-5-PV Kit 1RPS S-5-PV Kit 2RPS S-5-PV Kit 3

The RPS S-5-PV Kit installation process.

RPS S-5! roof clamps

RPS offers a range of no-penetration roof clamps for different types of roofs. All models of RPS roof clamp also come with a 25-year warranty.

RPS S-5-U and S-5-U Mini clamps: For Australian Standing Seam and Double Lock Standing Seam (DLSS) roofs.

Download a datasheet: RPS S-5-U (pdf)

RPS S-5-K roof and S-5-K Mini clamps: For Australian concealed fixed roofs.

Download a datasheet: RPS S-5-K (pdf)

RPS S-5-B and S-5-B Mini clamps: Brass clamps for Australian Standing Seam and DLSS roofs made from copper sheet.

Download a datasheet: RPS S-5-B (pdf)

Blacktown RSL Solyndra Solar installation

RPS roof clamps were used for the 100kW solar installation on the rooftop of the Blacktown RSL in New South Wales.

RPS mounting brackets for pierced-roof applications

RPS also has 3 lines of mounting brackets: 1 for corrugated roofs, 1 for trapezoidal roofs, and another screw-fix solution for wide range of substrates. Both involve piercing the roof with rivets or screws.

TopFix CorruBracket-AU: Designed specifically for the Australian corrugated roof market. These brackets are mounted on the ridges of corrugated roofs so that no penetration takes place in the valleys, ensuring easy installation and no leaks.

Download a datasheet: RPS TopFix CorruBracket-AU (pdf)

TrapBracket: Designed specifically for the Australian Trapezoidal metal roof market. These brackets are mounted on the ridges of trapezoidal roofs so that no penetration takes place in the valleys, ensuring easy installation and no leaks. A universal EPDM rubber gasket TrapInsert is also available to increase the possible roof applications.

Download a datasheet: TrapBracket product specs (RPS website)

RPS S-5 VersaBracket: Comes with a factory-applied gasket and pre-punched holes for screws or rivets appropriate to the supporting structure. Installation involves simply aligning the bracket and applying the screws or rivets. Compatible with almost any trapezoidal, trimdek, or screw-fix roof profile.

Download a datasheet: RPS VersaBracket (pdf)

RPS: Points of Difference

-The RPS S-5-PV Kit is a unique and cost-effective solution for solar panel mounting–saving up to 30% on the cost of materials compared to a conventional L-foot & rail mounting arrangement.

-Installation of all RPS products is possible in 3 to 4 simple steps.

-RPS mounting clamps do not penetrate roof substrates like many conventional mounting solutions. Penetration of roof materials may void the warranty of the roof.

-RPS mounting clamps and mounting brackets can be used in a wide range of applications in addition to solar panels, including HVAC systems and solar hot water systems.

-RPS products come with a 25-year product warranty.

About RPS

Headquarters: Narrabeen, NSW

Manufacturing plant locations: US and Canada

History in the industry: RPS has been involved in renewable energy engineering for 8 years and solar PV installations for 6. The company has been specialising in Australian roof attachment products and distributing S-5! for 2.5 years.

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