SilexSolar SLX Panels: Australian solar power

Update 30 May 2012: SilexSolar has ceased solar panel manufacturing. As SilexSolar parent company SilexSystems is remains operational, however, warranties on SilexSolar products will still be serviceable.

Silex is Australia’s leading home-grown solar panel manufacturing brand, offering 3 sizes of solar panel–all assembled at Silex’s Sydney Olympic Park facility, the largest solar panel manufacturing plant in the southern hemisphere. In a market where the vast majority of panels are imported, Silex is an easy choice for those who want to support Australian industry. The most powerful Silex solar panels (SLX180) have a module efficiency of 13-14%, and panels are vigorously tested to ensure longevity.

SILEX SLX Panels: rigorously-tested, Australian-made panels

-Silex 125 Monocrystalline Solar Cells-

The range of Silex SLX solar modules all use monocrystalline solar cells. Silex cells incorporate an anti-reflective coating, which increases light absorption by the cells and results in more output per kilowatt than the bare cells themselves would. Each cell undergoes individual visual inspection for defects, and are also tested electronically to identify current groups accurately. Advanced and high-grade silver/aluminium pastes are used to ensure strong connections, and screen printing techniques are also used to ensure high-precision electrical contacts in the panels.

-SilexSolar SLX Solar Modules: Key Attributes and Points of Difference-

-Modules assembled in Australia, with cells imported from overseas

Relatively easy to install, with quick connect leads to enable safe and fact interconnection and installation

-Relatively high module efficiency (13%+, depending on module) also allows for less space to be used in roof-mounting the panels

-The panels have undergone rigorous testing to ensure reliable long term performance

Silex Solar Panels, assembled in Australia
Photos of the Silex Solar panel assembly process

-Product Specifications/Electrical Characteristics-

Silex Solar Panel Specification
Silex SLX Solar Panel Specifications

-Component standards met/awards-

Conforms to European directives (CE mark)–meets the standards for being sold in the EU

TÃœV certified according to:  Extended version of the IEC61215:2005 (Crystalline silicon terrestrial photovoltaic panels design qualification and type approval),  IEC61730-1 (Photovoltaic panels safety qualification), and IEC61730-2  (Requirements for construction and testing)

Listed on the Clean Energy Council’s current list of accredited modules


Manufacturer’s Warrantee: 90% rated power output over 12 years, 80% power output over 25 years

Materials/Workmanship warranty: 10 years

About Silex

-Company Headquarters and Factory location-

Silex’s headquarters and factory can be found in the same location:

2 Australia Avenue
Sydney Olympic Park
Homebush Bay, NSW

-History in the Industry-

Silex has been producing solar panels since 2009, since acquisition of the former BP production facility at Sydney Olympic Park.

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