SMA Sunny Boy 2100TL inverters now available in Australia



SMA Sunny Boy 2100TL inverters, part of SMA’s transformerless inverter range, are now available in Australia. The vast majority of the solar installers in the Solar Choice installer network offer SMA products as a primary or standard option in their installations, and the addition of the 200TL will allow increased flexibility and options in system design. What are the features and specs of the SMA Sunny Boy 2100TL?

SMA Sunny Boy 2100TL transformerless inverters for 2kW solar systems

With a maximum input wattage of 2200W (Watt, or 2.2 kilowatt (kW)), the Sunny Boy 2100TL is a great option for those who are looking to install a 2kW solar panel array with all the benefits of a transformerless inverter. What are the features of the features of the Sunny Boy 2100TL?

Benefits of 2100TL solar inverters

-Peak (maximum) efficiency of 96%–ranked highest efficiency and most competitive among solar inverters in the 2.0-2.1kW power class. This higher efficiency means faster payback periods on your solar system.

-Designed and developed in Germany especially for the Australian market in response to demand for small residential solar power systems across the country.

-Broad input voltage range–between 125 and 600V, offering more flexibility in solar panel arrangement. The input voltage is the voltage that comes out of your solar panel array. Your array’s output voltage will vary depending on the arrangement of ‘strings’ of panels in the array.

-Optional communication interfaces (wireless or via cables), so that you can monitor the performance of your system and identify and deal with issues quickly.

-Flexibility in choice of solar panels and system size.

Sunclix DC connection system for easy, safe installation. Using Sunclix also means that fewer cables required in each installation.

-Lightweight and easy to install.

Is the Sunny Boy 2100TL right for you? Contact a Solar Choice Solar Energy Broker to discuss your needs and options–we have a network of installers across Australia who offer a range of components for solar power systems. Solar Choice offers impartial advice on solar power systems, at no cost to the customer

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