Suntech Hiperforma 240W and Superpoly 290W Vd solar panels released in North America

Suntech Solar, the world’s largest producer of solar panels in the world, has recently released two new panels into the North American market: Hiperforma 245-watt panel using Suntech’s PlutoPower(TM) technology for residential, commercial and utility-scale applications; and its 290-watt Vd series for commercial solar installations. Although these solar panels are not yet available in Australia, most of the rest of Suntech product range is.

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Suntech Hiperforma 245w and Suntech 290W Vd Superpoly: Bound for Australia in the future?

Here is a look at what Australia has to look forward to when the the Suntech Hiperforma 245W and Suntech 290W Vd panels hit the Australian shelves. Also keep in mind that Suntech has a range of panels using the same technologies as the modules described below, already currently available in Australia.

Suntech Hiperforma Solar Panel: 240-245 watts

The Hiperforma series utilises Suntech’s Pluto(TM) cell processing technology, which increases the efficiency of individual cells by increasing their usable surface area, with a denser array of thinner-than-industry-standard conductive ‘fingers’ across the face of the cell. This type of processing can result in efficiencies of up to 14.8%. Check out the spec sheet below for more information.

Suntech Hiperforma Solar Panels–Spec Sheet

Suntech 290W Vd Superpoly Solar Panel

The Suntech 290W Vd Superpoly solar panel uses a special silicon processing technology which protects the panels agains long-term efficiency losses due to light-induced degradation (LID). Module efficiency for these solar panels is up to 14.9%. Check out the spec sheet below for more information.

Suntech SuperPoly 290W Vd Spec Sheet

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