Zhongli Talesun’s solar panels in Australia

Talesun logo no nameZhongli Talesun is one of the largest solar panel manufacturers in the world, with a 28 year history in the solar industry. The company offers solar modules for a range of applications in the Australian market, including a module with a 30-year performance warranty, a lightweight module and a ‘zero potential-induced degradation’ module.

Talesun solar panel product range

60-cell modules

Talesun tp660p 60cellTP660P (260-275 polycrystalline)

A no-frills poly solar panel with up to 275W of peak generation capacity

Download a spec sheet (pdf)

Talesun tp660m 60cellTP660M (265-280W monocrystalline)

A no-frills mono solar panel with up to 280W of peak generation capacity

Download a spec sheet (pdf)

Talesun SMART 60 cellTalesun Smart (250-265W polycrystalline)

A ‘smart module’ using built-in Tigo Energy optimisers for additional energy yields (up to 20%) and for shaded conditions

Download a spec sheet (pdf)

Talesun hipro m290 60 cellHipro M290+ (285-290W monocrystalline)

High-efficiency module, about 15W above industry standard

Download a spec sheet (pdf)

Talesun Feather 60 CellFeather 2.0 (255-270W polycrystalline)

Ultralight module weighing 26% less than standard modules

Download a spec sheet (pdf)

Talesun twinkle 60cellTwinkle (250-265W polycrystalline)

Corrosion-resistant module for desert and seaside conditions – comes with a 30 year warranty

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72-cell modules

Talesun PID zero 72 cellPID ZERO (325-340W monocrystalline)

A module 100% resistant to potential-induced degradation for dependable energy yields over operational life

Download a spec sheet (pdf)

Talesun TP672m 72 cellTP672M (325-340 monocrystalline)

A 72-cell monocrystalline module

Download a spec sheet (pdf)

Talesun TP672P 72 cellTP672P (310-330W polycrystalline)

A 72-cell polycrystalline module

Download a spec sheet (pdf)

Talesun TP672P 72 cellTP672(H) (310-330W polycrystalline)

A high-voltage version of the 72-cell TP672(P) module

Download a spec sheet (pdf)

talesun hipro 72 cellHipro M350+ (345-350 monocrystalline)

Highly efficient module, providing 25W of capacity above industry average for comparable panels

Download a spec sheet (pdf)

About Zhongli Talesun

Talesun Solar is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zhongli Sci-Tech Group. Talesun Solar was established in 2010 and currently has 2GW of cell manufacturing and 3GW of module manufacturing capacity. Talesun Solar has built a state-of-the-art, fully automated production line; all equipment comes from Italy, Germany and Japan. The company is one of the world’s leading large-scale scientific & PV manufacturing organisations. Talesun Solar is the only Chinese company who had received the VDE Quality-Tested certificate in PV industry, which guarantees Talesun Solar’s excellent product quality.

Talesun Solar takes the lead in extending the PV industry value chain: by the end of 2015, Talesun Solar had invested in and developed more than 3.6 GW PV power plants. Talesun Solar plays a leading role in the global photovoltaic industry value chain extension and contributes to a better world environment.

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