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Overview of Znshine Solar – Company History

Znshine Solar was founded in 1988 but didn’t enter the photovoltaic market until 2006. Znshine is a Bloomberg Tier 1 ranked solar panel manufacturer headquartered in Changzhou, China. Znshine has a global photovoltaic production capacity of 5GW, which in the current market makes them a medium-sized solar panel manufacturer. Znshine is a growing manufacturer with a global presence residing in China, Japan, India, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, UK, USA, Canada, Chile, Australia, and Africa. In 2018 Znshine was ranked India’s top PV supplier.

Key Panel Indicators

Znshine Solar Panel
Bloomberg Tier 1 RankingYes
DNV GL Top PerformerYes(3/4)
Office location in AustraliaYes

What is a Bloomberg Tier 1 Solar Panel?

Bloomberg’s infamous tier 1 ranking is NOT a measure of Solar Panel quality in any way. It is simply an indication of the bankability of the manufacturer based on publicly released information on the financial health the company. This should give you an idea if the company is a large, well-known manufacturer.

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What is PV Evolution Labs Top Performer?

PV Evolution Labs with support from DNV GL independently test solar panel reliability. The tests are voluntary, with solar panel manufacturers paying to participate in the testing. This testing process is internationally renowned and is an accurate reflection of the solar panel’s performance.

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Why is office location in Australia Important?

Most solar panel manufacturers entering the Australian market first set up their distribution channels and worry about customer service later. This has led to many unhappy customers who are left trying to contact Chinese head offices to claim on their 10-year product warranty.

Relying on your solar installer is not always an option as we’ve seen many residential solar installers (including the large ones) go out of business well within the lifetime of the systems they are installing.

Znshine has an Australian office located in Parramatta, NSW.

How much do Znshine Solar Panels cost?

Based on Solar Choice’s database we have provided the below-average costs as an indicative guide. These prices include:

  • Full turnkey Solar System with Znshine Solar Panels
  • Installation from a pre-vetted reputable installer from Solar Choice’s network
  • The STC rebate and GST
System SizeAverage Fully Installed Cost

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Model Range Available in Australia Znshine ZXM6-NHLD132 Solar Panel

All of the Znshine’s 46 panel models listed on their website are approved by the Clean Energy Council for the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, which is Australia’s home solar rebate program.

However, only the certain wattages listed below on the following models are CEC approved

Double Glass Panels

Znshine ZXM6-LD60 280-310 WZnshine ZXM6-LD60 305-315 & 330 W
Znshine ZXM6-LD72 370-395 WZnshine ZXM6-LD72 350-375 W
Znshine ZXP6-LD72 320-350 WZnshine ZXM6-HLD120 315 & 330 W
Znshine ZXM6-HLD132 350 & 370 WZnshine ZXM6-HLD144 390-405 W
Znshine ZXP6-HLD120 300 WZnshine ZXP6-HLD132 315 & 330 W
Znshine ZXP6-LD60 265-280 WZnshine ZXM6-TLD60 300-320 W
Znshine ZXM6-TLD72 360-385 WZnshine ZXP6-TLD60 270-280 W
Znshine ZXP6-TLD72 320-335 WZnshine ZXM6-NHLD120 330 W
Znshine ZXM6-NHLD120 370 WZnshine ZXM6-NHLD132 370 W
Znshine ZXM6-NHLD144 400 & 405 WZnshine ZXM6-NHLD144 430 & 435 W
Znshine ZXM6-NHLDD144 400 WZnshine ZXM6-NHLDD144 430 W
Znshine ZXM6-HD120 315 & 330 W

Single Glass Panels

Znshine ZXM6-60 290-310 WZnshine ZXM6-60 330 W
Znshine ZXM6-72 350-375 WZnshine ZXM6-72 380-395 W
Znshine ZXP6-72 315-340 WZnshine ZXP6-72 345-350 W
Znshine ZXM6-H120 315 & 330 WZnshine ZXM6-H132 350 & 370 W
Znshine ZXM6-H144 390-405 WZnshine ZXP6-H120 300 W
Znshine ZXP6-H132 315 & 330 WZnshine ZXP6-60 260-280 W
Znshine ZXM6-T60 300-315 WZnshine ZXM6-T72 360-380 W
Znshine ZXP6-T60 275-290 WZnshine ZXP6-T72 330-350 W
Znshine ZXM6-NH120 330 WZnshine ZXM6-NH120 370 W
Znshine ZXM6-NH132 370 WZnshine ZXM6-NH144 400 & 405 W
Znshine ZXM6-NH144 430 & 435 WZnshine ZXM6-NH156 430 & 435 W
Znshine ZXM6-NH156 475 & 480 W


For solar panels the internationally accepted standard for the length of warranties:

  1. Product warranty of 10 years covering product defects
  2. Performance warranty of 25 years to an output of 80% of nameplate wattage

While you never see solar panel warranties shorter than the “25 & 10”, each manufacturer has a different warranty agreement and claims process. Generally speaking, dealing with a reputable solar panel brand will ensure that you are receiving fair and reasonable warranty terms. Znshine for the majority exceeds these standards.

 Znshine Double Glass PanelsZnshine Single Glass Panels
Product Warranty12-15 years12-15 years
Performance Warranty30 years25 years

Znshine Solar Panel Specifications

Znshine ZXP6-HLD120Znshine ZXM6-TLD60Znshine ZXM6-72
Cell Number1206072
Cell TypePolycrystallineMonocrystallineMonocrystalline
Power Output300Wp300Wp350Wp
Maximum Voltage32.5V32.4V38.7V
Power Density180.72 W/m²182.93 W/m²180.41 W/m²
Panel Efficiency18.00%18.24%18.00%
Annual Power Degradation0.50%0.50%0.55%
Dimensions1675 x 992 x 25 mm

(1.66 m²)

1658 x 992 x 25 mm

(1.64 m²)

1960 x 992 x 40 mm

(1.94 m²)

Product Warranty 12-15 years12-15 years12-15 years
Performance Warranty30 years30 years25 years
Operational Temperature Range-40°C to 85°C


-40°C to 85°C


-40°C to 85°C


Made inChinaChinaChina

So, should I buy Znshine Solar Panels?

Znshine Solar Panels come with an above-average product warranty and at minimum, an industry-standard performance warranty. However, Znshine panels are mid-industry in terms of panel efficiency, with the majority of panels at around 18% efficiency. This falls into the middle of the industry average of 16-20% efficiency. From Solar Choice’s perspective, Znshine panels offer value for money, as Znshine sells one of if not the most affordable CEC approved Bloomberg Tier 1 ranked solar panels available in Australia.

Example of a Znshine Commercial Solar Project

Znshine 250 W polycrystalline solar modules were installed in the two phases of construction at a Znshine owned solar power plant located in Hamada, Shimane province, Japan. The plant was completed in two installations, the first totaling an 11 MW capacity was completed in 2015. The second phase of the installation was completed in 2017 and added an additional 12 MW capacity. This brought the overall capacity of the Hamada solar power plant to 23 MW. The project was estimated to cost Znshine up to 10 billion Japanese Yen (approximately AUD $133 million).

Znshine Solar Power Plant Hamada, Japan



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