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SolarWorld – Company History

SolarWorld was founded in 1988 by Frank Asbeck and its solar panels were manufactured in Germany. They were positioned as a tier 1, high-quality panel manufacturer offering a 20 year product warranty which led most of the market.

In 2017 SolarWorld AG filed for insolvency along with its American subsidiary. In 2018 the company was brought back to life under the name SolarWorld Industries GmbH but filed again for insolvency later in the year before finally closing.

In 2020, industrial equipment producer Meyer Burger acquired SolarWorld’s factory in Freiberg for €12 million from creditors which the intention to become a PV module manufacturer.


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Key Indicators

SolarWorld Solar Panels
Bloomberg Tier 1 Ranking No
PV Evolution Labs Top Performer No
Office location in Australia No


What is a Bloomberg Tier 1 Solar Panel?

Bloomberg’s infamous tier 1 ranking is NOT a measure of Solar Panel quality in any way. It is simply an indication of the bankability of the manufacturer based on publicly released information on the financial health of the company. This should give you an idea if the company is a large, well-known manufacturer.

SolarWorld Solar Panels are not in the Bloomberg Tier 1 list.

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 What is PV Evolution Labs Top Performer?

PV Evolution Labs with support from DNV GL independently test solar panel reliability. The tests are voluntary, with solar panel manufacturers paying to participate in the testing. This testing process is internationally renowned and is an accurate reflection of the solar panel’s performance.

SolarWorld Solar Panels are not currently ranked in the PV Top Performers List. As a new company we hope to see them in future rounds of testing in the coming years.

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 Why is office location in Australia important?

Most solar panel manufacturers entering the Australian market first set up their distribution channels and worry about customer service later. This has led to many unhappy customers who are left trying to contact Chinese head offices to claim on their 10-year product warranty.

Relying on your solar installer is not always an option as we’ve seen many residential solar installers (including the large ones) go out of business well within the lifetime of the systems they are installing.


SolarWorld Solar Panels – Points of Difference

There are many solar panels out there, what makes SolarWorld’s solar panels stand out?

SolarWorld Solar Panels 300W

German-made solar panels

SolarWorld’s main point of difference is that the products are produced in Germany. Also, they have the Bifacial series panels called ” Bisun”, which can increase the efficiency to 25%.

20 Year Product and 25 years Performance Warranty

Most solar panels sold in Australia come with a 10-15 year product warranty providing protection against any defects occurring in the manufacturing process. SolarWorld’s solar panels feature a 20-year product warranty suggesting they are willing to stand behind the high quality of their solar panels.

SolarWorld’s solar panels also come with a performance warranty which guarantees that a solar panel will produce a certain amount of energy in standard conditions and accounting for a specified degradation rate. Like the rest of the market, SolarWorld offers a 25 year performance warranty however their panels are warranted to degrade at 0.5% per year after the first year which is slightly ahead of the standard for the market which is 0.7% per year.



SolarWorld Solar Panel Specifications (common modules)

SW 385 XL duo SWA 300 Mono
Cell Number 72  cells 60 cells
Cell Type Bifacial Duo (156.75mm x 156.75mm) Mono PERC (156mm x 156mm)
Power Output 385Wp 300Wp
Max Power Voltage 39V 40V
Panel Efficiency 19.3% 17.89%
Annual Power Degradation 0.7% 0.7%
Dimensions 1993 x 1001 x 33 mm

(1.99 m²)

1675 x 1001 x 33 mm

(1.99 m²)

Weight 21.6kg 18kg
Product Warranty 10 Years 20 Years
Operational Temperature Range -40°C to 85°C


-40°C to 85°C


Made in Germany Germany

Example of an SolarWorld Solar Project

The below image shows a residential 15.9kW solar system with 69 SolarWorld SW230 Polycrystalline Solar Panels.

SolarWorld Project


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Reviews from Australians who have installed SolarWorld Panels

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NSW - 2212
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16th February 2023
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