Sydney Amateur Sailing Club Installs 10kW Solar System

Sydney Amateur Sailing Club Installs 10kW Solar System

Founded in 1872, The Amateurs is one of the oldest yacht clubs in Australia. In a stunning location on the shore of Mosman Bay, The Amateurs is home to a diverse fleet of modern & classic yachts. Their slipway, workshops and moorings are a great asset for boat owners and their social events are enjoyed by members and guests alike.

In mid-2020 Vice Commodore Peter Scott reached out to Solar Choice having deemed the Sailing Club as a great sun-drenched location for solar.

At the time we were assisting our local Manly Yacht Club with a solar and storage solution and were quickly able to build rapport and confidence in our ability to deliver the project for the property.

A solar feasibility report specific to the site was promptly developed indicating optimal system size, costs involved, paybacks and energy savings.

The client had a few hurdles to jump as the property was heritage listed. This was overcome and installers were invited to site to complete a detailed site visit including their assessment of the meter, switchboard & roof and gave chance for the installers to provide a final submission.

The winning bidder selected installed a 10.56kw system compromising of Canadian Solar Panels and a SolarEdge inverter. The client was expected to save close to 55% on their future power bills.


Matt Lasauce