10 ways Solar Choice saves solar panel installers money

Since 2008, Solar Choice has been working with solar system installation companies across the country to bring transparency to the Australian solar market and to take the hassle out of solar shopping for the customer. Below are 10 ways that Solar Choice helps solar installers save money on sales and administration.

1. High quality, low-cost leads: All Solar Choice leads are highly qualified by our brokering team and–thanks to our interactive comparison platform–by the customers themselves. In some cases, our leads are supplied at a 100% discount to the installers in our network. (Read more about benefits to installers.)

2. Flexible, outsourced sales force: Our specially-trained, in-house sales team are solar sales experts. We can take away the risk and hassle of market growth and contractions for you by being an outsourced team for your business.

3. Lower online advertising & SEO costs: Our website is one of the highest-ranking websites on key solar search terms in Australia, and is loaded with constantly refreshed news. This means customers find us easier, which means they find you easier.

4. Intelligent customer choice: Customers demand choice and easy comparisons. We provide it to them in a super simple, non-invasive format, and ensure they wont get bombarded and frustrated with dozens of sales calls.

5. Customer education: Most customers need education and support to make an informed choice. Through our trained sales team and content-rich website we educate customers for you with impartial product and service advice.

6. Commercial process: Solar Choice has developed one of the most comprehensive commercial solar tendering systems in Australia. This successful model extends the power of choice to commercial clients and provides a unique, web-based Tender Management Platform to handle all aspects of the bidding and selection process.

7. Co-ordinated campaigns: We can increase and leverage your marketing effectiveness by running targeted, co-ordinated campaigns to help drive more sales leads and better conversion rates.

8. A range of models: We know that solar companies aren’t all alike, which is why we have different programs for different needs.

9. Personally qualified leads: We don’t just generate sales leads and sell them to anyone who’ll pay. Solar Choice uniquely supports and educates customers, watches the market and then builds lasting relationships with both customers and installers.

10. Proven success: Since 2008 we have used our unique specialist solar brokering service to help hundreds of solar companies deliver solar to more than 105,000 Australian homes and businesses. Our model works.

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