After some significant additions to our battery pricing database (including some ‘recommended retail price’ (RRP) data from manufacturers), average ‘full’ battery system prices (i.e. including inverter) fell to about $1,580 per kilowatt-hour (kWh), with lows sticking around at $870/kWh. Average ‘battery only’ prices came in at just under $1,000/kWh, while lows were around $700.

This month we’ve added a new ‘Are We There Yet?’ Meter to our analysis – this one for ‘battery only’ circumstances. This chart applies to people who are looking to install battery storage as part of a brand new solar system with a hybrid/battery-ready inverter, or for households that have already installed a ‘battery ready’ solar system. Battery systems of this type tend to offer better returns than systems with ‘all-in-one’ battery banks, where a separate (or inbuilt) inverter is also required.

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James Martin II

James Martin II

Communications Manager at Solar Choice
James has been Solar Choice's primary writer & researcher since 2010. He lives in Newcastle in a house with a weird solar system.
James Martin II

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