GoodWe inverters in Australia

GoodWe is a manufacturer of inverters whose products are used in residential and commercial solar PV systems Australia-wide. This article provides an overview of the company’s Australian product catalogue – including its hybrid inverter series for solar and battery storage.

GoodWe inverter ranges

NS redNS series: Single phase inverters for resdiential applicaions

1-3kW solar systems

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D-NS whiteD-NS series: Single phase inverters for residential applications

3-5kW solar systems

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SDTSmart-DT series: 3-phase inverters for residential and commercial applications

4-6kW solar systems

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DTDT series: 3-phase inverters for commercial applications

10-25kW solar systems

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ESES series: ‘Bi-directional’ hybrid inverter for solar and batteries in grid-connected or off-grid solar systems

4.2-5.4kW solar input

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BPBP series: DC-coupled battery storage retrofit device for grid-connected solar systems

Up to 6kW solar PV input

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GoodWe points of difference

  • GoodWe was successfully listed on National Equities Exchange and Quotations (stock code: 835209) on December 25, 2015. NEEQ mainly serves innovative, entrepreneurial and growth-oriented enterprises, and is commonly known as the Chinese NASDAQ.
  • Local sales and service office in Melbourne with high standards for customer service
  • Inverter range spanning small-scale residential, small three-phase commercial, large-scale commercial and battery storage devices
  • GoodWe has been supplying CEC-accredited inverters supplied to the Australian market for over 5 years
  • All of the above GoodWe product lines will soon conform to the updated AS4777.2-2015 standard for inverters

GoodWe company overview

GoodWe – formally known as GoodWe (Jiangsu) Power Supply Technology Co, Ltd – is a Chinese inverter manufacturer established in 2010. Throughout the course of its operations, the company has won numerous awards. Inverters in GoodWe’s SS series have received an ‘A’ rating under the Photon Magazine’s product testing regime in 2012 and 2013 for their performance in medium and high solar irradiation conditions.

GoodWe – Australian contact details

In addition to its offices in China, the Netherlands and the UK, GoodWe has had an office in the Glenroy suburb of Melbourne since 2012.


Service phone: +61 3 9324 0559

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  1. Please give me information on your systems for Off the Grid in the 4500-5500watts pricing warrenty,
    Made where.and all other info you can provide I live in Hawaii lots of sun looking forward to hearing from you guys Aloha Doug

    1. Hi Doug,

      Solar Choice only services Australia, so you’d be best off contacting GoodWe directly using the details above. (This article is an informative piece by us – we do not work in any sort of formal partnership with them.)

  2. need help with configuring a Goodwe inverter, need the installer password so I can configure for USA power 240vac with 60hz, Goodwe has been unresponsive

    1. Hi Sean,

      It’s probably best to get in touch with GoodWe directly – their contact details are in the article above.

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