Germany’s sonnen to manufacture solar batteries in Adelaide

Leading German battery storage company sonnen has announced plans to establish a battery manufacturing plant in Adelaide, creating more than 400 jobs.

Sonnen, which launched its “sonnet-flat” residential battery storage package in Australian in 2016, says it wants to make 50,000 battery storage units in Adelaide over the next five years.

That compares to its sales to date in Australia of more than 1,900, but sonnen Australia boss Chris Parratt says the market is running hot. “Everyone wants a battery.”

The manufacturing plant proposal is a major coup for the current South Australian Labor government, which is working hard to get re-elected in the upcoming March 17 election.

Sonnen has been considering a manufacturing plant in Australia for some time, and appears to have been swayed by the promise of state government support, particularly SA Labor’s newly announced “interest free” solar and storage loans, where preference will be made for locally-sourced products under the interest free scheme.

Parratt says the manufacturing plant, to cost “double figure millions” (of dollars), would target both Australia and overseas markets.

“It realises our expectation that Australia will become the world’s number one market for energy storage systems,” Parratt says.

“This partnership not only underscores South Australia’s reputation as the centre for energy policy in Australia, but provides an opportunity for South Australian households to gain access to sonnen technology at fair prices to dramatically reduce their energy costs.”

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Giles Parkinson