Taking German solar engineering to the Mexican sunshine

German engineered solar PV panels have a reputation for quality, innovation and performance, so when we came across this great example of German engineering in Central Mexico we had to share.

TRINYSOL was founded by German born Gregor Schäppers, a self taught solar engineer, who has been developing solar solutions for the past 10 years. Working with the local climate, the needs of the people and the money available within the community he has developed a system that makes a real difference to the income of local businesses.

Schäppers began with solar boilers and expanded into solar powered ovens, the company has now installed hundreds of boilers and dozens of ovens across the Hidalgo region. The ovens range in size from smaller units for residential use (as long as they are used during the day) as well as bakeries and tortillerias. The large oven costs US $4,000 to build and install, with the average bakery or tortilleria spending between US $80-100 per week on fuel the pay back is less then 12 months.


Trinysol’s solar cooker in action

The technology is based on a scheffler reflector which focuses the sun’s energy in a specific location, with Schäppers design this is focused on a hot plate. The design also includes an automated system that follows the path of the sun to ensure maximum sun exposure.

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Rebecca Boyle