Three Massachusetts landfills go solar with GameChange’s Pour-in-Place Ballasted Ground mounting system

Three solid waste landfills in the US state of Massachusetts will go solar using GameChange racking’s innovative Ballasted Ground mounting system. The new power plants, which together will have a capacity of around 6.5 megawatts (MW) will be the latest addition to the company’s already extensive portfolio of solar-on-landfill and brownfield projects. GameChange’s Ballasted Ground mounting system has been used in 33 projects across 12 US states.

Andrew Worden, CEO of GameChange Racking stated: “Our patent pending Pour-in-Place™ Ballasted Ground System is rapidly gaining market share as the fastest installing and most cost effective solution for landfills, brownfields and rocky sites. The self-leveling technology is a key factor for installers to be able to level the racks while they are light prior to concrete install, which allows for speedy site completion.”

Coverage of one of the landfill solar arrays on US Channel 22

The key features of GameChange’s system include:

  • It is a self-leveling technology makes for a 68% faster installation when compared to precast
  • A five-person crew can install 28.5 solar panels (with racks and concrete) per hour
  • The rails and panels are stabilized with concrete-filled forms
  • No gravel bed required
  • One truckload of concrete can fill approximately 40 forms
  • Technology requires no ground penetration and is ideal for landfills or any other flat site
  • Two to three feet of clearance allows for vegetation growth (and snowmelt in colder climates)
  • Panels are mounted on robust aluminum rails
  • Rails are available in 5 to 35° tilts
  • System has undergone rigorous mechanical and wind tunnel testing at 132 mph
  • 25-year warranty
  • Cost of approximately $0.189USD per watt of solar installed

Solar Choice previously published an article on GameChange’s technology in November of last year.

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