Solar Choice Brokers 99.99kw solar system for WeatherBeeta

weatherbeeta solar installation

For over 40 years WeatherBeeta has been an industry pioneer as one of the first companies to use synthetic material in horse and dog coats. This has led to a transformation within the industry and the way horses are protected along with redefining the rug market.

In late 2019 Solar Choice were contacted by WeatherBeeta to leverage off their independence, provide installer options and assist with their own internal analysis from interval data previously obtained. A key motivator for the client going solar was to reduce their carbon footprint along with reliance on the grid and embark on a solid sustainability plan.

Solar Choice were able to reach out to their vast network of installer options and based on some specific client guidelines were able to provide quotations which met with the client’s objectives. Further, feedback from our own independent engineers was provided in the form of 2 x Business Case options which helped the client to know where they were on the right track and where adjustments needed to be made.

The building now has 303 Q-Cell panels and 4 SMA Tri Power inverters installed producing an estimated 127,727kWh’s per year in usable renewable energy and offsetting over 2,100 tonnes of carbon emissions throughout the project’s lifespan.

The following was provided as feedback to the winning bidder “The guys did a great job, were very easy going and a credit to your company, thank you.” – Martin Mansley Property and Site Manager.

Matt Lasauce