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Almost 20% of households in Maitland and surrounding areas have already installed solar panels, according to data sourced from the Australian Photovoltaic Institute. This article helps to explain why Maitland is a great place to take advantage of solar power.

Why is Maitland a good place to install Solar Panels?

Maitland is blessed with plentiful sunshine – solar panels can generate lots of power!

Maitland receives an an average of around 5 hours of full sun per day (according to BoM data), making it one Australia’s sunnier cities, as well as one of the best places to install solar PV.

To calculate how much a solar system will produce you need to multiply the peak sun hours by the system DC (solar panel) capacity and reduce by a efficiency factor typically around 80%. We have done the calulations for you below with some popular system sizes:

Solar System Size Average Output (slightly higher in summer, lower in winter)
3kW Solar System 12kWh per day
5kW Solar System 20kWh per day
6.6kW Solar System 26.4kWh per day
10kW Solar System 40kWh per day


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This means that with a 5kW solar system will cover an average home’s energy use. Whether it would best to go smaller or larger than 5kW for your home will depend on:

  1. How much of the solar power can you self-consume during the day
  2. What your budget is for a solar project
  3. Whether you want a good return on investment, or want to cover your entire energy bill with the assistance of a solar battery

The electrical network (poles and wires) are owned by Ausgrid in Maitland and surrounding areas meaning new solar systems will be subject to their approval process. Currently single phase connections are permitted to install a 10kVA inverter meaning you can install up to 13.3kW of Solar Panels (although this would be too big for most houses). Three-phase connections can install up to 30kVA of inverter output (10kVA per phase) before additional network protection equipment will be required.

To work out how attractive solar will be for your household – try the Solar Choice Payback Calculator

Maitland is in STC Zone 3 – meaning Government rebates are available

The federal government offers what are effectively up-front discounts on solar PV system installation costs under the small-scale portion of Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (RET). The amount of the incentive depends on your location – sunnier locales receive a bigger discount. Maitland is technically in the second sunniest ‘zone’ under the scheme, the same one as Sydney. As an example see the below system sizes and estimates of the rebate they would receive as of 2020:

Solar System Size STC Rebate*
1.5kW Solar System $803
3kW Solar System $1643
5kW Solar System $2774
10kW Solar System $5548

* Estimates taken from Greenbank on 30 March 2020 – it is a live market so prices are always changing

This rebate is generally claimed by your installer on your behalf so you essentially only pay the difference. Bear in mind that the quantity of certificates (STCs) each project generates is designed to reduce each year on 1st January until the scheme is phased out altogether in 2030.

Feed in tariffs in Maitland, NSW

Feed in tariffs in Maitland are offered individually by electricity retailers with no mandatory minimum in place. Current offers range between 6c per kWh to as high as 21c per kWh for some bonus sign up rates. You can assess whats available given your situation using the Government’s comparison tool – Generally speaking oversizing your solar system to earn a feed in tariff will always reduce your return on investment – so if you want to optimise your return, we recommend using our solar power system ROI calculator to determine the best system size to apply for.

The cost of solar power in Maitland has plummeted over the last decade!

Solar panel prices in Maitland typically follow a similar pattern to the average prices in Sydney and the rest of New South Wales. Solar Choice publishes monthly the average cost of solar panel installations in each of Australia’s capital cities which is used by the Australian Government and Bloombergs as a key price benchmark. See below graph of historial pricing, or you can refer to the Solar Price Index here.


Solar Panel Prices Sydney

How can I find the best deal on Solar Power in Maitland?

Solar Choice, as Australia’s free online solar comparison tool, connects solar customers with the best installers who service their area. Our team has pre-vetted a network of installers across Australia ensuring each installer has all the required qualifications and are using reputable products. We have also been collecting feedback on our network of installers for over 10 years.


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