Home solar system prices: Current averages by city

solar_choice_logo_finalSince 2012, Solar Choice has been publishing solar PV system prices providing reliable ballpark figures on the going cost of solar in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.The data we use comes from our installer network database, which consists of over 150 CEC-Accredited solar installation companies around the country. Installers in our network pre-fill pricing, product and warranty information for the free & impartial quote comparisons which we provide to our customers.

Over the years, our Solar PV Price index has become a industry reference point and overall bellwether for pricing trends, filling the gap in the absence of official government reporting on the topic.

The tables below contain the most current residential solar system prices from around Australia. The system sizes included are 1.5kW, 3kW, 4kW, 5kW, 6kW, 7kW and 10kW.

Our Commercial Solar PV Price Index has been in monthly publication since May 2014; it covers pricing for 10kW30kW, 50kW, 70kW and 100kW solar systems. 

Residential solar power system prices – October 2019

Prices in the table below include both the up-front incentive available for small-scale systems through the Renewable Energy Target (i.e. ‘STC discount’) and GST – they represent the total retail price of the system to the customer.

Table 1: Average out-of-pocket costs by city & system size (October 2019)

Adelaide, SA$3,570$4,260$4,590$4,890$5,930$9,030
Brisbane, QLD$4,030$4,420$4,850$5,510$7,050$8,480
Canberra, ACT$4,270$4,650$5,130$5,570$6,390$8,730
Darwin, NT$5,810$7,130$7,950$8,970$10,090$13,670
Hobart, TAS$4,560$5,270$6,160$7,220$7,670$10,940
Melbourne, VIC$4,000$4,240$4,680$5,210$6,060$8,720
Sydney, NSW$3,870$4,440$4,880$5,210$6,360$8,310
Perth, WA$2,860$3,370$3,800$4,540$5,480$8,540

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Table 2: Average, high & low prices per watt (October 2019)

Adelaide, SAMedian (Primary)$1.10$0.97$0.79$0.75$0.87$0.79
High (Primary)$1.67$1.29$1.15$1.15$1.15$1.32
Low (Primary)$0.54$0.48$0.42$0.39$0.50$0.42
Brisbane, QLDMedian (Primary)$1.15$1.00$0.86$0.78$0.87$0.90
High (Primary)$1.40$1.26$1.13$1.06$1.31$1.27
Low (Primary)$0.81$0.67$0.56$0.48$0.53$0.56
Canberra, ACTMedian (Primary)$0.91$0.96$0.80$0.78$0.84$0.75
High (Primary)$1.21$1.19$0.83$0.87$0.90$0.91
Low (Primary)$0.69$0.80$0.74$0.65$0.80$0.60
Darwin, NTMedian (Primary)$1.91$1.76$1.61$1.55$1.51$1.30
High (Primary)$2.15$2.01$1.95$1.89$1.80$1.39
Low (Primary)$1.58$1.46$1.39$1.42$1.37$1.21
Hobart, TASMedian (Primary)$1.35$1.16$1.06$1.06$1.02$1.13
High (Primary)$1.50$1.36$1.17$1.47$1.13$1.27
Low (Primary)$1.24$0.91$0.97$0.85$0.89$0.98
Melbourne, VICMedian (Primary)$1.19$1.03$0.93$0.83$0.92$0.95
High (Primary)$1.52$1.37$1.33$1.22$1.40$1.32
Low (Primary)$0.96$0.79$0.73$0.57$0.56$0.67
Sydney, NSWMedian (Primary)$1.07$0.90$0.74$0.70$0.78$0.72
High (Primary)$1.45$1.28$1.08$1.05$1.14$1.10
Low (Primary)$0.72$0.61$0.54$0.44$0.57$0.48
Perth, WAMedian (Primary)$0.84$0.71$0.59$0.54$0.65$0.81
High (Primary)$1.08$0.90$0.85$0.82$0.87$1.32
Low (Primary)$0.54$0.48$0.42$0.39$0.49$0.43
AllMedian (Primary)$1.09$0.96$0.82$0.78$0.85$0.86
High (Primary)$1.67$1.37$1.33$1.47$1.40$1.32
Low (Primary)$0.54$0.48$0.42$0.39$0.49$0.42

For more detail, please see the current edition of the Residential Solar PV Price Index.

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