Introducing our new Home Solar & Battery Storage Systems Guide

Over the years Solar Choice has published thousands of articles on the topic of solar power and (more recently) battery storage. Much of this knowledge is spread across various parts of our website (mainly our blog), so we’re recently taken some time to consolidate all the most relevant materials in one place. The result is a brand new 8-Point Guide to Home Solar & Battery Storage Systems, replete with links to all of our most relevant and popular website content.

The contents of the guide include:

  1. Who can benefit from going solar?
  2. Knowing your system options
  3. Choosing your system size
  4. Understanding solar ‘rebates’/incentives & feed-in tariffs
  5. Comparing products, quotes & installers
  6. Home battery storage
  7. System monitoring & energy management
  8. Selecting the right electricity plan

We’re still making some tweaks and adjustments to the contents and welcome feedback & input from our readers. Our aim is for this to be a one-stop-shop and to-to portal for all the most important information and resources on our site. We encourage readers to skip through the various chapters as suits their needs and interests.

The guide is currently on the large side, at about 5,300 words (it’s fairlycomprehensive). We also have plans to release a condensed, 3-5 page version in the near future for those who do not require such a comprehensive overview – watch this space.

Check out the Solar & Battery Guide

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