Reposit Power brings (solar-plus-storage) power to the people

Reposit Power has created a software package which allows PV and battery owners to trade generated electricity directly onto the wholesale electricity market.

The software is designed to support and improve the operation of the grid by selling electricity back to the grid at times of stress, when demand is extremely high. In the process, PV owners benefit and are compensated for the service they provide by being able to selectively sell electricity back to the grid at very high rates. This ability to support the grid is even more valuable in the outer fringes where network support infrastructure may not be as well developed.

The software is designed to enable compatibility with all hardware (i.e. inverter and battery bank) configurations and as they state on their website: “we believe that customers should be able to choose the best hardware for their circumstances and still have access to a great experience and the benefits of being able to trade their energy.”

However, the Magellan Power residential scale energy storage system is currently available off-the-shelf, pre-packaged and integrated with Reposit Power’s software. The company is also busy working on integrating Tesla’s Powerwalls will come with Reposit Power’s software too. Others – including LG Chem’s RESU battery – are to follow.

Magellan RES1 energy storage solution

A Magellan Residential Energy Storage System. [Image Source: Magellan Power]

Founded in Canberra, with strong roots in the Australian electricity market and Australian National University (ANU), Reposit Power is a software company that is ahead of the market and doing some very interesting work. If successful, their operating model will change the way electricity providers interact with PV owners.

Top Image Credit: Reposit Power

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