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How far away is the electric car?

Solar Choice customers all have an interest in how solar and other renewable energy installations can also make sound financial sense. We know you’ll be interested then to learn of […]

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$10k “Green Loans” for an energy efficient home

(Update: Unfortunately, as of 28 Feb 2011 the Federal Green Loans Program has closed. Please see the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency website for further information.) We’re pleased […]

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Rebate pre-approval now down to 4 wks from 12 wks

We’ve recently been informed by the federal Solar Homes and Communities program (within the Dept of Environment, Water, Heritage and t he Arts) that the processing time for applications for […]

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Solar installations – a short 101

There are two main types of solar installations. The first and most common system connects your solar energy system with the main electricity grid. This Grid Connect system allows you […]

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Our approach to solar energy installations

To begin with, we don’t sell our own solar energy installations. Our goal is to help you find the solar energy system that best suits your individual needs, at the […]

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